Workin ‘ the Voiceover/Life Plan for 2012

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It’s been fairly quiet since Christmas, so I’ve been spending time organizing, cleaning, planning, and learning. Maximizing down time has been very helpful! I’ve even updated my commercial and narration voiceover demos ahead of schedule.

So it is once again time to compose those New Year’s resolutions. It’s been a really great holiday season, and I’ve been busy in a casual way, as VO work has slowed… allowing time to get plenty accomplished in preparing  for 2012. Yes in Voiceover and life in general. Of course, there’s always a lot to do, and it just piles up!

As with the rest of the world at large, it’s time  for
a fresh start. Sure I have the plans, the resolution list, and have
reflected on the accomplishments and pratfalls, learning and observing
all the way. I have some specific goals and timelines to be accountable for, which I don’t publish, but I have them pasted next to my workstation so I look at them daily. I also have installed reminders of specific benchmarks into my Outlook, to keep me accountable and on track.

I’ve broken down my 2012 planning into 8 areas:

The month of December is always extremely busy, aside from the holiday festivities and all that entails. It was time to meet with our CPA, and do some year end tax planning, and long term planning. It was time to pull together records and meet with a financial planner to discuss issues relative to a 2, 5, and 10 year projection for life and business.

It’s always fun to learn new stuff, especially when it comes to technology. It was time for a phone upgrade so I purchased an iPhone and iPad to help streamline my business . It will be easier to post more blogs and record auditions on the road, plus enhance my social media plan.
So I’ve been taking some time learning a whole new skill set while theres time to do so.

Creating new files, getting tax planning together. Pulled together a tax box for receipt collection and incoming 1099’s and W2 forms. December is pretty busy in general, but it is also a big planning month, but it can’t happen without organizing your records first,
Considering how much time is spent in my vocal booth and office space. It was definitely time to do a big clean out. Stray papers, notes, dust eliminination, and cleaning all hard surfaces is  a welcome effort that’ll be beneficial into the New Year. Boxes of stuff are going out the door as donations and or e-waste. My mind works more clearly when everything is tidy, too!

The other areas are linked to my person; my mind, body, spirit and emotions. I’ve been feeding my mind with “vitmains” of good literature and personal development articles, my body with healthier foods, exercising my body to maintain its balance and reaching out for emotional connections to other friends and family and my community via friendship and good deeds.

Happy New Year! May your resolutions sustain and guide you throughout the whole year!


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