SAG-AFTRA Merger: Will 3rd time be a charm?

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I’ve voted in favor of merger the last two times in which it failed. To say I was disappointed and incredulous at the time is an understatement.  So I am inclined to think, “Here we go again.”

Will the third trip to the altar make it? Here’s the latest communication from the unions on events that took place over the weekend.

I will scrutinize every word of the ballot and attend member meetings to make a fully informed decision this time around. Times have changed since the last ballot. Or have they? Let’s watch and see.

“To Our Fellow AFTRA and SAG Members:

This weekend, the SAG and AFTRA National Boards took a decisive step to
strengthen our future by overwhelmingly endorsing a plan to merge the American
Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild. If members
approve the merger, the new union will be called SAG-AFTRA.

The vote of the unions’ National Boards came after more than a year of
focused effort to hear from members about their needs for stronger union
representation and to develop a merger plan to meet those needs. With the
enthusiastic approval of our boards, the decision now rests in the hands of
AFTRA and SAG members.

Merger referendum ballots are scheduled to be mailed on or about February 27
– but all members of both unions will have access to the complete merger
documents within the next couple of days on the SAG and AFTRA websites. Full
printed merger documents will also be mailed to each voter with the referendum
ballot, which will be due for return on March 30. This will give each member
ample time to make a thoughtful and well-informed decision. 

We’re also excited to announce that on Friday, February 3, we will launch a
new joint website to provide members all the information they’ll want to
consider before casting their votes. The website will include complete merger
details, FAQs, and a comprehensive calendar of events to alert members
nationwide to informational meetings and other opportunities for learning about
the plan. Watch your email later this week for details of the website

After more than a year of intensive work, we are extremely proud to bring you
this historic opportunity. We also want to acknowledge the ceaseless dedication
of the AFTRA and SAG members and staff who came together as the Group for One
Union (G1) to produce this remarkable plan. We look forward to sharing all the
details and answering any questions you may have. Finally, we are confident that
SAG and AFTRA members will embrace this singular chance to harness the true
power of unity, and that SAG-AFTRA will protect members and shape the
entertainment and media industries for decades to come.”

In unity,

Roberta Reardon, President

Ken Howard, President
Actors Guild


  1. I’ve been trying to keep my hopes down – after the last two disappointments – But after watching Ken announcing the news at the SAG awards, well . . . I just can’t help myself. I think this is it. It’s up to all of us now, the actors. Let’s do the right thing – at last.

  2. I’m hoping too, Vanessa. Thanks for your written support of this blog.

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