Spring Cleaning

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I really like the switch to Daylight Savings Time each year. I somehow feel more energized and eager to get more done, inside the house, my office and outside.

One silly yet irritating thing however is the fact that my PC doesn’t pick up the fact that I’ve checked the box to automatically update the DST on the computer. Another hassle is dealing with another program’s software upgrade that now will NOT work on my machine.

Why computers do this stuff or in this case don’t do, I don’t understand.

Anyway, I am thinking it’s time for a cleanup and clean out of some things here . I’m planning to purge a lot  of stuff no longer purposeful that’s been cluttering my workspace. I’ve sold off a few things on Craigslist, and there’s always more to donate. Then… Time to dust, clean carpet, throw on a new coat of paint on the office walls and begin anew.

The challenge is getting around to doing all this stuff, when there are a myriad of other things to handle. I am consciously working toward simplifying my life on almost all levels.

We cleaned up the yard and garden a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the new planting season, and to give a little extra curb appeal for the appointment with the home appraiser. check.

We just refinanced our mortgage and will sign docs this week. check.

I cleaned out the fridge and don’t need to go into any further detail. Yuck. check.

Hired an excellent producer to update a couple of my secondary demos, and they’re smokin’. check.

Finally sat down and wrote out some thank you cards to several clients.check.

Cleaned out my email box. Huge check.
Related to this, I just turned off a ton of email notifications on social networking sites that overwhelm in their numbers. I no longer feel guilty about what I’m not missing.

Part of spring house cleaning is ridding my immediate  world of the “noise” that distracts, so I may better focus on doing what I do best. Perhaps I’ll feel like I have more time to get more done.

The problem is, my “to do” list keeps growing daily.

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  1. I have been getting a lot of calls from my craigslist ads but no one wants to pay what I am asking!

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