Call to Action; Being an Agent of Change

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I was having a conversation with my daughter about life’s changes. She’s never  been fond of them. She often wishes things could either go back the way they were or just stay the same, and she’d be happy.

I countered by saying that sure, it’s easy to get lulled into a comfort zone, but it’s not a realistic place to be. The only way you can move forward  in life is to change. Change is inevitable. I told her to consider embracing change and to see what happens.

Heck I sometimes I wish I still looked like I did at 29, but you know, I’ve grown to like the skin I’m in. Sure I often feel like a young mind trapped in an older body, but I am still vital, and feel more wise. I can “see” things better.  I’m a champion of change. Change means I’m alive.

Changing things up requires a risk. And why not aspire to get to a new level?

The comfort I find in risk is the anchor point I call my “Why”.
Why do I bother with running this voiceover business? It beats working for anyone else and I’ll never face a layoff ever again. (I had my fill of that a couple of times during my stint in radio years ago).  And I love acting and creativity.  I feel working with my voice and earning a living with my microphone is something I was meant to do from early on.  So I celebrate that each day I’m alive.

It was a lengthy conversation I had with myself to consider my personal responsibilities in discovering my “why”. But in the end I realized that I needed to take that risk  and take control, while being open to change.  I refuse to place blame on the economy, or politics, budget constraints, etc. It’s pointless to lay blame on any external forces, real or contrived.

If I fail, or have a slump, I must look at myself. Maybe I’m not listening to my gut. Or not tackling my own laziness or weaknesses. I’ll look at myself and have an honest self-talk,  and know what’s happening. So when I’m not working in my business inside my booth, I’ll get working ON my business. I’ll take another class, work on new demo updates, and put on my marketing hat when the mic is off.

So my why is crystal clear. My daughter plays a role, as do the rest of my family, my friends and clients.

And I must pay close attention to all that is going on around me. And be an agent of change. If I fail, I’ll fail forward and learn to do better next time, or better yet,  just refuse to fail.

And I’ll never rest on my successes.

Change results in progress. And comes with risk. I must embrace it.
Anyway, no one’s going to die as a result.
So “WHY” not?


  1. Love, Love, Love your post!!!
    I love change and see myself as a Chameleon!
    Change and Adaptation until the next stage :)))

  2. Great post, Bobbin! I was just thinking about this the other day. If we don’t roll with change and embrace it, we get left eating the dust of everyone else taking advantage of the advances it brings.

    CANNOT wait to see you next week chickie!!

  3. This is one of my favorite posts!

  4. Linda,
    Thanks for the inspiration. We must adapt or die!

  5. Trish. I appreciate your input. Inertia in itself is random. We must always be in motion, and moving forward, and get comfortable with the sometimes uncomfortable feelings change can bring.

    I find that I’ll sometimes cry after I feel change, or an “a-ha” moment,  or even a loss, followed by a rally that ALWAYS leads to bigger and better things. I too am looking forward to seeing you again next week, my friend.

  6. I appreciate your stopping by, Tony. Onward & upward!

  7. Nice to find this on a Friday afternoon Bobbin! I look forward to catching up with my daughter soon as she is wrapping up a ten day missions trip in Los Angeles:)

    Change for me this week involved another birthday on the calendar and my youngest son getting his first car today! He was so proud to show me when I got home from lunch:) Next week’s change for us all is the official arrival of spring on the calendar (Yay!)

    Change is good. It shapes our character. Life was not meant to be easy, was it?

    Have fun at Faffcon next week Bobbin! I’ll be having fun with hockey playoffs:)


  8. Hey Ralph,
    Sorry it took a day to publish your comment. You’re now automatically added as a “commenter” here, my friend. Yea, it’s strange when we have another birthday or look into the mirror we can’t see the subtle changes in ourselves. Nothing shows us the transition of time better than watching our kids grow up. Where does all that time go? To the best of memories I hope for everyone.
    Thanks for dropping by.!

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