Gut Check

How many times during the career of a voice actor will he or she hear, “The client has decided to go with another voice talent”?

you’re honest, it’s all the time, especially if you audition constantly
and consistently.  Sure, you nail the read, and some gigs you’ll even
book.  But how do we work through this repeating message without
becoming a head case?

Some call it, “selection, not rejection”.
While that might  be true, and it softens the blow. But it feels otherwise at the moment you receive
that old refrain from your contact people.  You  know your audition was
stellar. You did the job. You just  didn’t book it.  And unless you’re a
bald-faced liar or delusional, it happens more often than not.  And
yes, sometimes we’ll get on a hot streak and score score score. Know
that things can change.

Some like to endlessly
spin and spew all their impressive credits to all who they think
actually care.  I tune out that noise. Instead, I go to work on things
that matter and that I can change, that I can  control. I cannot control the voice casters who makes the decisions.

So how
do I handle this not so glamorous  voice actor reality ?  I seek to
express, not impress.  And be interested, not interesting.  At times I
must admit I must summon all my Zen for clarity.
I must move on.  I summon the gut check.

living in the  voice over space for so long,  by now I’ve trained myself to
let go and move on quickly, and focus on the positive, fantastic gigs I
have performed. I’m still that same person, at the top of my game.  It may take a day or so, but the
end for me result is a better one on all levels.

I realize this is up to me. What’s not working is me, so I need to act. Nobody’s going to ride in on a while horse and change the scenario. So I read and
learn constantly. I seek coaching and stay abreast of trends. I’m always
changing and becoming, renewing. I’ll read a good book or watch a movie to get my head out of myself. I’m planting new seeds and tending my
garden, taking care of the business.  Always working to improve the
booking ratio.  Laziness is not allowed.

I’m learning about what
I don’t know. And there’s a lot I don’t know.  So when I feel a gut
check is in order, I  remember that champions never became champions
without dedication and tons of hard work to achieve peak performance.


  1. great information that we all need to remember

  2. True words, Miss Bobbin. Sometimes you have to transcend what you know, or think you know, and sometimes you just have to “stay the course.”

    The trick is knowing the difference, and when to push, and when to pull back.

    That’s true of this wacky business, and life in general, eh?

    We’re all in this together. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for your insights.


  3. Hi Ed,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Not only do we need to remember it once, but over and over again.  First we must imagine what is possible, then have  faith we can make things happen, and finally, MAKE things HAPPEN!

  4. Hey Andy,
    Staying the course is necessary, and not giving up is critical.  I’m a huge believer in learning and continuing education. It helps you grow, and aids in discerning “the difference” as you’ve referred to.

    In the words of the late Jim Rohn, “We must learn to apply all that we know so that we can attract all that we want.”
    Powerful stuff.
    Thanks for adding to the conversation, Andy.

  5. Great stuff Bobbin! So true that we’ve learned to see it as “selection not rejection” – which is a very good thing but it doesn’t get us off the hook. Even if for every audition we “leave it all in the room” we must continue to do all we can to up our odds – a constant intake of new ideas and approaches – training, training, training. The never ending “gut check”. Thank you for posting this Bobbin – I shall now go and zen 🙂

  6. Vanessa,
    I appreciate your thoughts. Channeling ZEN!

  7. Good stuff, Bobbin!

    Yes, the older I get the more I rely on my gut… and maybe the seat of my pants. But then again, as a stubborn creative, I’ve probably always been that way. No guts, no glory.

    This may sound crazy but I just completed my FIFTH audition for the same job from a P2P site! The sensible part of me was saying to the voice seeker… “you know what you can do with this gig!” But my gut was saying, (they called me after the 3rd audition)… “one last time.” I don’t usually punish myself like this but I know I’m the right guy for the job. The client just doesn’t know it yet! If I don’t get it… fine, I did my best and the voice seeker WILL remember me and maybe the client too!

  8. Wow! I’ve heard of call backs, but that’s really something! After going through all that I really hope you book it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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