Celia Siegel
Is a talent manager, specializing in Branding and Marketing for the professional voice actor.

She says it’s important to pick something specific to say about yourself and “live there”.

There are some 24,000 voice actors registered at casting services in LA alone, so you want to be authentically who you are, knowing why you are a solution for producers.

Celia goes through a process of interviewing and asking a lot of questions to get yourself started. Think about what resonates with you.  Why do you get hired? 

  • Are you easy to work with.
  • Do you make them laugh.
  • Do you take direction well?

Those attributes are fine, but can also apply to a lot of other talent. The most important question to answer is…
Why are you unique?

Have something to say. Talk about new information, be clever and interesting with newsletters.

Celia also helps consult and develop talent websites.

Advice: You want people to know your name. Try to get your name dot com as your website domain.

She described how she uses a 3-4 page questionnaire, called a Brand Finder, that’s loaded with questions aimed to aid the talent to determine a brand.

  • What has worked for you in the past.
  • What are your strengths? Use descriptive language. 
  • Where do you shop.
  • Where does your voice live.
  • How would you and others describe your voice.
  • Who would you like to work for?

Why a manager? (Versus an agent)
Why hire a management team? It’s a way to take your career to the next level, and the talent can become more powerful, as a manager works in tandem with the agent. The manager does not book talent.