Oh My!
I’ve been a tad busy since returning from Disneyland and VOICE 2012.  Yes- an understatement, I’m grateful to say. There were numerous voice over projects, and new clients to work with! Yea cool!

Below are some final session notes from a fantastic seminar I attended that I have to share.  Thankfully, this time all attendees will receive a copy of all the sessions, so there will be more  useful information, and awesome content knowledge pouring into the brain of this Voicegal once the downloads arrive. With so much going on all the time on the Voice Conference schedule, it’s impossible to be at all the sessions you’d like.

Be sure to look for my next post, with some pics of  some of the faces at VOICE. That’s (almost) a wrap!
               David H. Lawrence XVII
                  David H. Lawrence

David H. Lawrence XLVII (the seventeenth)

Mutual muscles Master Class

There is a myth that VO is mutually exclusive of on camera work.

  • You should not set a limit on yourself and your career.

  • We are storytellers, no matter what type of work we do. It’s the core of
    what we do. You must be telling the story so well, that you must convince
    the casting folks of this.
    Give yourself permission to tell the story. This will move you to the
    next level. Think about what you need to do to do that, rather than
    have a deep voice, for instance.

Training moments and the feedback we get as we go along is key to the process.
Demo creation should represent your brand. Marketing via websites, online groups where we look for like minded peeps.

  • Cold reading capability is key.

  • Consider doing more on-camera work. Prople are auditioning from home! Eco cast – video casting. Submitting via video for on camera work now
    becoming the norm, just to get into the casting director and be seen.

  • Everything about the business is changing, with home studios, so you
    have to understand so much more and being your own booth director.
  • Acting specifics include emotional recall from clues found in copy, on
    camera work or on stage. You’re always in a rush to get the work done.
    What was the prior moment before you start your work. Sustain the acting
    throughout, and in voice work, complete the acting, and don’t lose the

Bottom line:
Do what you love and the money will follow
Avoid predicting your own future successes or failures, or what you’re good at.
Expand your portfolio of opportunities.
Remember you must find the secret benefit in the script and solve the problem of the listener / viewer


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