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About Face! Move!

I know I’ve been scarce around the blogosphere and other social media lately. There’s been good reason. Now it’s time to share the big reveal.
After twenty-eight years in San Diego in the same home, we’re moving to what we will call our real home , to the Midwest.  I know a lot of folks are asking, “But why would you leave that great weather?”
There are a myriad of reasons, actually.  Yes it was a snap decision that involved several conversations over the past five years in the decision-making process.  More on that in future posts.
So how did this happen? Well in the past year, my husband’s Mom and Dad have had some health issues, and it’s become increasingly stressful to be so far away from Chicago and Milwaukee. There will be more tough decisions to face after we get there.   It’s hard to be away from family that needs your help. So we are going to help take care of our family because that’s what we do.
Because our lives are consumed with the additional tasks involved with the move, I will be making entries here describing the whole situation, and the journey. Time will not be-our friend  as the moving truck pulls away one month from today, and there is so much to do. Twenty eight years of accumulation!
After several car loads of donations to Goodwill, it looks like we’ve barely made a dent. The move estimate is going to be close to 10K! Poker’s gone up in 28 years, that’s for certain.
As it is, I’ve been overwhelmed with all the details that go into selling a home and packing up to move. Last weekend I was scheduled to attend Faffcon in Charlotte NC. Well we put our place on the market and had showing immediately and had to get the house ready.  It was a crazy four days that followed. The crazy thing is, we put our home up for sale last Thursday, got four offers, and sold the place in four days! Even better, there was a bidding war for our home so we will end up with more than our asking price.  I have a newfound hope that the real estate sector is gonna roar back.
There are a lot of mixed emotions about all this, and they will be explored and noted here as we proceed on this journey home. I am working  at adopting a minimalist lifestyle and letting go of a lot of “stuff”, thanks to a book I’m reading called , “Unstuff Your Life”, by Andrew J. Mellen.  Even with all that marvelous guidance, I still wake up at night thinking about all
the details of this large and fast move.
More to come. We’re beginning a whole new adventure. Hope you’ll stick with me as I share the experience of a complete lifestyle change as we shed the past and embrace the future.


  1. Wishing you all the best over the next few weeks as you get yourself organized and make your big move.

    • Hi Marc,
      I appreciate your positive and supportive input. The whole process is a challenge and tiring so far. I’ll draw strength from supporters such as yourself. I appreciate it!

  2. Well let me be the first VO person to welcome you back to the Midwest! 🙂 I was wondering where you were at Faffcon. Sounds like you’ve had your hands full. We’ve got a thriving VO meetup group in Southwest Michigan that you are welcome to attend if you are ever in the area. Best of luck in the weeks ahead! Blessings!

    • Hi Anthony!
      Thanks for the warm welcome back to the Midwest. I’ll be in the Milwaukee area, right across the lake from you. Perhaps we’ll see each other there or at the next Faffcon. Let’s stay in touch about your meetup. I hope to find one near Milwaukee, too.

  3. Wishing you lightness in your heavy endeavors and much love and good luck with your new “adventure.” You will be greatly missed!

    • Oh Marti,
      I will miss you too! The only time we see each other is at the MCA-I, so I hope that keeps going! Thank you for you kind wishes.

  4. Hey Beam-o, welcome back to Wisconsin. We missed you. If I can be of any help, technically, with the new studio, feel free to give me a buzz.


    • Hey Dave-o,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the welcoming vibes. I hope we can see each other after the dust settles. I’ve found some extremely interesting radio memorabilia and photos of days at WQFM.

  5. Hey, Bobbin…

    Just a note to wish you all the very best in your return to your Midwest roots. I was born (Jan. 24, as you know!) in Chicago and raised in Denver, so I’ve thought about a similar return over the years. Staying put for the time being. You’ll be missed here, but I know you’ll be successful there, too. I hope you’ll keep us posted.

    Best regards,


    • Hello Tony, My Birthday Twin!!!
      I will miss your B-Day parties, for sure. It’s been fun to know you and watch your career flourish, Tony.

  6. Bobbin: you and your husband have your priorities completely in order so don’t sweat the lesser stuff as much. That will sort itself out.

    Talk with you soon 🙂

    Best always,

    • Peter-
      This is why is like you so much…you’re so supportive and wise. I appreciate your input more than you’ll know. See you next year, for sure.

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