“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

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Well, after 28 years, this is the last night in my California home. As I write, just about everything is packed into boxes, save for cleaning products, our bedding, and personal items that’ll go into the car with us. I cannot believe how organized we are. It’s been a short escrow. (30 Days) And not so fun. Very intensive, and not without drama.


There is definitely an emotional component to the whole thing of leaving a place where you feel very comfy and settled, and have raised two kids. And it’s been a real eye opener to sort out everything you own and then decide to discard a lot of stuff, you’ve never even thought about in years…yet you still have it, long after it’s served any kind of purpose.

It’s two days before Thanksgiving, and I’m reflecting on much of the past and excited for what’s to come. This past month I’ve been totally focused on customer service and voicing a LOT of jobs that I’ve booked, including two audio books since the decision to move back home to the Midwest was made. I have no idea how I did all of this!

Since this is a voiceover blog, I thought I’d share some of the photos of breakdown of my vocal booth (Daw booth). Yesterday was a day of sorting through the maze of wires to all the gear I own, labeling, and packing every piece of gear so it will hopefully be an easy “recombobulation” on the back side. I’ll write about how this method actually works in reality once we land at our destination.


The vocal booth in progress of break down


So there it is. The vocal booth in all its “dismemberment”. The movers will shrink wrap the various parts and load on to a pallet for shipment with all the rest of our “stuff”.


Well, this is it. A huge day tomorrow. Hoping it’s smooth. Hope I won’t forget anything. On second thought, considering how tired I’m feeling, I’ll write myself some reminders into my iPhone.


Farewell, to the great house we made into our home.


  1. oh man! so proud of you for following your heart
    you are a wonderful and brave woman
    and to the brave go the spoils
    happy, beautiful journey girlfriend!

    • Vanessa,
      I value our friendship and love the connection we have. Thank you for everything, wonderful pal of mine. I may be farther away physically, but that’ll never stop our ongoing conversations.

    • Thanks, Elaine! And off to the frozen tundra we go!

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