Final Move Anecdotes from the VO Trenches

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We moved out of our home in Southern California three weeks ago today. That day, I was booked to do a last minute voiceover for a big client. It was moving day! He really needed me to do this update for a series of spots I’d already done. Most of the furniture was out of the house. My booth was already on the moving van, but I had my laptop and mic…and my car. So there I was sitting in my car in the driveway, performing copy while furniture was being hauled out of the house. I saved the file, went into the house, which still had the wi fi going and emailed the file to the client.

The things we voiceover artists do for love!

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since we’ve moved into our new spot in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We live in a solid concrete building, which is wonderful for voiceover , as it is so very quiet here. We did have some scary moments, when I worried that my new ISDN order wouldn’t be installed, as the building is so old, but that was handled by our apt AT&T tech, who was an old school guy who knew how to get the job done.

The bigger issue it turned out, was getting AT&T u-verse fulfilled. No wi fi, no Internet, no TV, and recording to a jump drive and uploading at the public library, was getting me going slowly nuts! It’s like being on a desert island, with no connectivity.  I was seriously freaked out, and realized how much our business and our lives in general depend on technology!

I received an audition from my agent in the UK that needed a response by the next morning . The library was closed. What did I do? I pulled out my Blue Mikey, read the copy from my smartphone, edited the file by using my Twisted Wave app, and emailed the file via my iPhone.

After a number of calls to second level tech support at AT&T , our U-verse order was finally installed and we are now fully wired for one week now. Ahhhhh it feels good to be back in the lap of technology.  I can finally sleep again!


  1. yippee! we gotta have our connections! so happy it’s all working out now

    • Vanessa,
      I haven’t moved in a really long time, and the process continues until it’s done, which at times feels like forever! Thanks for your support as we go on this journey!

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