Settling In and Hunkering Down

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Yesterday, the first measurable snowfall in 288 days fell in Southeastern Wisconsin. After living in California so long, it was exciting as heck! Big fat flakes fell from the sky and accumulated quickly.

Yesterday  I also had two ISDN  recording sessions. My first since the move, and both went  without a hitch. Yesterday, my voice went to Dubai, Arkansas, California and Canada, all recorded here in my home recording studio in my boathouse apartment overlooking Beaver Lake.  The thought of how technology and studio gear make this all happen is something I hope I’ll never cease to have amazement for.

Even though the physical aspect of the move is over, a process that spanned a full six weeks, we are still digging out of boxes and finding things. Overall we were pretty organized, but we hadn’t moved in 28 years, so this was and remains to be huge! Even after unloading at least a ton of “stuff”, we still have a lot of it to wrangle.

Now there are other things to do, like get new driver’s licenses, migrate bank accounts,  get insurances handled, find new doctors, notify credit bureaus about address change, update my business merchant accounts with bank and address updates, etc.

And this is all happening with Christmas next week, and a major snow event about to happen. Yes, we’re hunkering down for the arrival of the predicted ten inches and blizzard like conditions.   Weather advisories are out and telling us to get whatever we need today because we should avoid the roads tomorrow.  It is going to be a White Christmas, for sure. I’d best get our cards out in the mail today, as I’m a little behind in that department.

For now, it’s all good as we settle in and hunker down. “News at eleven. ”




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  1. Hang in there! Nothing worse than moving! At least during a blizzarrd there’s nowhere to go so you’ll have plenty of time to unpack what’s left!
    Hope your holidays are happy!

    • Hi Ann!
      Great to hear from you here. Yes, the moving thing seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Every day, there’s some detail to take care of. The snow flying is a novelty, for now. I’m lucky I don’t have to drive anywhere. I’m enjoying cookie baking and wrapping presents for now. Hope all is well with you.

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