Rewind and Reboot Your Voiceover Life

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2012 is ending and it’s time for a New Year. Everywhere, everyone is talking about new resolutions, diets and exercise routines, new marketing , voiceover training , business plans and networking campaigns.

It’s all very exciting to begin something new. But then about six weeks or less into the new year, reality hits and all that fresh optimism slows down, and sticking to your plans is hard. Finishing old, stale “to dos” becomes cumbersome if not impossible.


A New Way With a  Better View

This year, I have decided to take a different approach, taking time to rewind 2012 and assess it. The time between Christmas and New Year’s has been ideal for this. I have slowed things down and while recreating, and I’ve been rewinding my own 2012 events and strategizing a reboot of my voiceover life. And I mean voiceover AND life!

Many of you know that I’ve documented a major life changing event in the November move from San Diego to Milwaukee. After we arrived at our new place and dug out of boxes, and got some pictures up on the walls, establishing a semblance of order once again felt great. I was able to finally sleep (read: de-stress) without waking up in the middle of the night, grinding over some details related to the changes we were making. I’ve spent time with family and friends, and recharging my batteries. I really needed the rest and the break, and welcomed the time immensely.

I feel I had a very powerful 2012, even though I didn’t finish my plan commitments and goals completely.


Rewind: The Year In Review

I’m digging though my 2012 written plan, plus emails, my calendar , and journal to jog my memory. I’ve noted what was done and what wasn’t.
With the help of an article written by author Mel Robbins, I’m making a chart on paper with the following categories written on the left side:

  • Body/health
  • Relationships
  • Money/Career
  • Spirituality
  • Name of my Spouse
  • Name of each child
  • Names of each Parent

Then draw a vertical line to a bit to the right of the categories and title each column Accomplishments and on the right, Incomplete. Write a line by line assessment for each category. Don’t forget the small things. You will have acknowledgement of what was a failure or success, which will get you ready for a new beginning. This is how to end this year more powerfully.
Go over your list with your inner circle , executive board, spouse, or mastermind partners, and talk about it all. The good and the bad. What can you change, what cannot change. Just when you feel everything is finished with 2012, it really is just the beginning.

Rewind, reboot, reinvent, create.

Happy New Year! Bring it on!


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