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Today my personal mantra is “fix my focus”. The pursuit of voice acting is more challenging than other career pursuits, but it doesn’t have to be. If you do your due diligence with research, workshops, planning, regular workouts and consistent analysis of the players, and maintain a good focus (attitude), you’ll most likely find you’ve created an easier path for yourself.  

The voice actor can find his or her success much more quickly than the actor who doesn’t do the TIME and only focuses on the craft. What one must do, is be fearless in the pursuit of the dream, be willing to play, and find your own success beyond the booth. Remember that success only comes after a series of steps. And you must step it up!

The TIME includes both research and a positive attitude because these are the two things that actors absolutely control about the journey. Staying on top of  industry trends, asking questions, taking workshops, knowing who are the players who will hire what you bring to the mix.  One must be diligent in the process, and you must put in your TIME daily! Keeping your attitude on track is the most important.

Fix your focus! Adjust your attitude. Clean up bad habits. Don’t be lazy. Adopt new techniques and tools . No more pity parties. By putting in the TIME you will be so busy keeping up with your research and working out with voice coaches and your fellow actors, you’ll have a lot of things to do and you’ll feel progress. Olympian athletes rigorously train daily without fail.

Ever hear about luck? It’s where opportunity and preparation intersect. When you fix your focus (attitude) and put in the TIME, you’ll be ready. Connect to the truth in your scripts and your honesty will shine through. Amazingly you’ll be moving toward your success, and it’ll arrive quicker.

Love of performance. Listening, and awareness of trends. Be freely creative and expressing truth from your heart. Putting in the TIME and fixing focus. It’s why we must be voice actors. It’s in our hearts. It’s in our blood.

Here’s to your success!


  1. Thank you Bobbin! The right words at the right time!

    • Linda,
      Happy the post resonated with you.

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