AT&T ISDN – The Quest for Alternatives

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Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m kind of feeling overwhelmed overwhelmed by my AT&T ISDN situation,  and the story of David and Goliath keeps coming to mind.

I’d like to thank my friend, Dave Courvoisier for his recent blog post about the issues many are facing when it comes to ISDN, and in particular the AT&T ISDN delivery of same in most cases.   Read The Slow Death of ISDN.

And I have been busy. Admittedly, a bit too busy working  in and on my voiceover business in order to pay for  my ISDN to sniff out many alternatives yet to produce results, but I have gotten as far as my pursuit list:

iPad ISDN alternatives???

Dave Immer of Digifon released a recent article on a new iPad ios app: Luci Live

The one concern about Luci live is I don’t believe my iPad has the power to drive  nor connect to my Neumann U87ai microphone. So far as I know, the iPad can accept a usb microphone with the camera kit interface plug. And usb mics don’t render the same quality.

ISDN Bridging Service Partners– Tel. 847 859-9519  I selected this one as it’s closest geographically. For ISDN bridging to Source connect .

Software Alternative to ISDN

Source Elements Source Connect –   A software alternative

I just did a line test over the internet using Source-Connect with a studio in Germany and it sounded as good as ISDN! I’m feeling hopeful that static IP could come into its own soon and replace ISDN. AT&T would certainly LOVE for this to happen, sooner than later.

ISDN Studio Rental Option

And if ISDN must be the only alternative for my session, I’ve located a studio about 20 minutes away which I’m hoping will give me a favorable rate to rent/hire out their ISDN studio on occasion. I’m figuring all the studios throughout the Midwest Region have all felt the enormous rate increase from AT&T on ISDN. Perhaps they’ll welcome anyone who’d help to offset the expense.

OK. Enough ranting. Back to work.



  1. Hi Bobbin, It was nice talking with you. There are some other possible solutions. Source Connect by Source Elements ( ) is software that lets you “bridge” between the internet and ISDN. All you need on your end is a decent internet connection. You use this software in conjunction with your current audio recording software and it will bridge to remote ISDN units.

    Audio TX Communicator is another option that is PC based and is a hardware device that you plug your mic or mixer into. It can connect ot ISDN devices, other internet based devices and more.

    Source Connect is a plug in program that runs with Pro Tools or any audio program supporting VST plug ins (Cubase, Audition etc.) the cost is $395.00 and —- that’s it. No monthly fees. Audio TX in more expensive at about twelve hundred dollars – including an ISDN adapter card for your computer – but it has the advantage of being able to “Talk” directly to an ISDN user by emulating an ISDN codec and it can communicate over the Internet alone.

    Hope this helps. We can assist you with any of this if you need help setting it up. There are some $$ involved but they are one time charges and far less expensive than the ISDN fees.



    • Hello Jim,
      Yes, I already have Source Connect and am looking into bridging services as I write this. Thanks so much for your input and help today!

  2. You can run a U87 with an iPad using a MicPortPro, camera adapter, and a portsble USB power adaptor. I believe it was Beau Weaver who posted the precise information (sorry you’ll have to Google it), but I’ve done it with a 416.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Really? Think I’ll try plugging in my MicPort Pro into the Ipad and see how it does with my U87. Thanks for the tip, and I’ll search for Beau’s post.
      I appreciate you joining the conversation.

    • George,
      This article from Beau is GOLD! Thanks for posting this.

      I did learn from Dave Immer that Luci requires a newer ISDN setup. I’m working with the ol’ reliable Telos 9202, now somewhat of a relic. It will work with the Telos Xstream, however.


  3. Bobbin,

    I’ve been a big fan of Source-Connect for years. I used it in LA to direct sessions in Toronto and am using it today from Memphis to direct a session in LA.
    I think it’s a great alternative to ISDN.


    • Hi Gary,
      Me too. Source-Connect is definitely the forerunner in the ISDN alternative race, but many studios are slow to embrace it. That said, I was contacted by a studio in a southern state that moved recently into a new building and can no longer get ISDN installed, and was looking specifically for voice talent that has Source Connect. So I am more hopeful that there will be more.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation.


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