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A fun evening with my VO pal, Peter O’Connell

My talented voiceover buddy and master marketer, Peter O’Connell happens to travel a lot, and thankfully, he had a stopover in Milwaukee last evening where my husband and I met up with him for a delightful Italian feast at a local restaurant.

We discussed life, our families, and of course our passions about our respective voiceover businesses. Peter just finished a campaign for Bacardi airing in India, and I’ve just completed recording a states-wide series of radio spots for a major flower retailer for Mother’s Day, and another couple of radio commercials for Blinds.com, and a national TV spot for St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Center.

Peter and I love what we do and we shared many stories, laughs and various parts of conversations in dialect form to make a point.  Peter does excellent Italian, Scottish and Indian, by the way! And while we both do a lot of commercial work, I shared that I’m exploring a future in the Audiobook world, as I plan to travel to New York City next month for the Audio Publisher’s Association Conference.

After dinner I excused myself to go to the restroom and upon my return to our table I found out that, Peter, that scoundrel ordered the most decadent looking piece of chocolate cake and three forks, demanding, “Ladies First” ! I must admit, I succumbed. And it was excellent.