Photo courtesy of Beau Weaver
                    May 15- VO Studio Tech George Whittam

will show how to use your iPad to the max when recording voice over auditions and jobs!
I have the iPad, and the Twisted Wave App…and looking for a lighter-weight remote recording solution when I travel, so I’m definitely excited about this one.
Whether you want the lightest voice over traveling studio possible … or are just getting started with a home studio and want to use your iPadthis new webinar will take you through all the steps to ensure the best possible results
VoiceOverXtra‘s new live webinar,
Recording Voice Overs On Your iPad, will follow home studio expert George Whittam as he demonstrates all functions, bells and whistles that the iPad offers for recording.
You’ll also hear actual iPad recordings and observe use of the components needed to connect your microphone to the iPad.

After the live demonstration, George will answer your questions, which you may submit by text or speak live through your microphone or phone connection to the webinar.
Plus: Your registration includes a full recording of the webinar – for later review and in case you cannot attend the live session.

George Whittam, owner of VOStudio Tech, a full-service studio consulting company, is known and praised for easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction. At this webinar, you will learn:
  • Why the iPad and not Android tablets
  • What you can and can’t do with the iPad
  • What makes iOS less useful that Mac OS? Sandboxing
  • Reading and marking up scripts with iAnnotate
  • Connecting your mic to the iPad
  • Recording and editing in TwistedWave
  • Basic audio processing for polished-sounding auditions
  • File delivery via Dropbox or email
  • Workflow from script to delivery
Tuition: Just $49, including full recording.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

9:00 pm Eastern 
8:00 pm Central  
6:00 pm Pacific

Tuition: $49 including recording

  • You will receive an email with access info
  • At showtime, sign in by computer and/or phone
  • Listen and follow the training onscreen
  • Later, receive and enjoy full recording