A Needed Break in Voiceover Action

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So we traveled back to San Diego this past week. No longer is it our home. We are visitors. It can’t not feel strange after having our roots so deeply entrenched for so many years.

We came to attend our daughter’s college graduation. After the hoopla was over, by Monday I was ready to go home. After all I’m in the throes of narrating another audiobook, and need to do that in my controlled studio environment.

And there were auditions. All were safely and timely submitted while recording in my sister’s closet, but not the commercial work that flowed in, which I’ve promised to get out first thing Friday.

The plan was to stay for a week, and I was antsy to get back, but didn’t. And now I’m glad I stayed on and forced myself to relax a bit. Ever since before the move six months ago, it’s been go-go-go. My business didn’t skip a beat throughout the move and new studio¬† and ISDN set up. And this new book I’m narrating is a bit vocally stressful, with mostly male characters. I’m seriously happy with the forced rest!

It was a wake up call to me. I know better to allow myself to take a break, but when you’re “in the mode” of whatever you’re in, its a challenge to shift gears. By Tuesday, I went to the beach, took care of some business errands, closing bank accounts once and for all, going to my favorite local vineyard and slowing down and visiting with some dear friends here.

Yesterday was an even more relaxing day at the beach, followed by a very restful sleep, and now I’m at the San Diego airport, ready to go home. My new home. My vocal cords are rested too. I’m no longer feeling the strain in my throat.

Ready to hit the road again next week when I head to New York City for APAC.

Note to self: Remember to take necessary breaks in the ever-present action.


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