Friday, October 4, 2013

Three years ago  I attended my first Faffcon Voice Over “Unconference” -launched in Portland, Oregon in September 2010. There were some 40 voice talents who believed then. Today I am pleased to attend my third Event as the 6th Faffcon is about to launch in San Antonio with a sell out list of around its intentionally limited 100 maximum attendees, and the spaces sold out within around an hour.

I am drawn to Faffcon because it is an alternative to the typical conference paradigm.  And being the independent-minded voice actress that I am, I determined after the Portland experience that I’m all -in.

All attendees are the best of the best.  They’re passionate, working voice over pros who share their unique experience for the enhancement of all .
For me, I believe I can still learn. Heck, nobody knows everything! Of course, you and I’ve known many in this industry who claim to know it all.

One of the coolest things about Faffcon is the concept of the “golden nugget”, which I first read about in a very excellent book on organizing your life and branding your business by Kristine Oller.  A nugget is a piece of information, a contact or a thing which moves you forward, and is worth it’s weight in a sense, gold, to the bottom line. And its a game of sorts, all weekend with the goal being to collect and share as many nuggets as possible.

I was booked to attend last year’s Faffcon, but life events lead to a cross country move and I had to cancel days before.  The move and associated logistics seemed to go on for months, then this summer, a critical health scare of an extremely close family member and subsequent surgery made for a distracted summer as demands at home and my VoiceOver business zoomed with work. I have fortunately been able to take care of family, myself and my business throughout. How I’ve done it all over the last year, I don’t know.

This year, I will absorb everything like a sponge, every opportunity and bit of advice during this think tank weekend and give back what I can.
It’s about making a difference:
With excellent new ideas, motivations, thought processes,  and contacts to bring into my life and business and to the others in attendance.

One of the most compelling aspects of Faffcon is the free sharing of information amongst peers.  And in my mind, there is no comparing myself to others here.

My desire for the efforts to attend this weekend is not to feel superior or better than anybody else, but to grow and to share. To be forever changed in a better way. My intention and contemplation of this Faffcon experience is to become superior to my former self.

All the best,
Bobbin Beam~Voice Actress

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