BobbinBeam_IceSkating                                                                         Forces of Nature 

After the winter much of the US endured, I learned a lot after all the years spent in Southern California. Never take the forces of nature for granted.  In California, we had earthquakes and fires. Here, we faced an inordinate amount of sub zero temperatures, ice storms and record snowfalls.

And through it all, you need to take in and roll with whatever comes at you. If it snows, go skiing. When it’s too cold to go outside, go to the gym, and cook hot curries for dinner, build a fire and stay warm.  When the conditions are just right, go ice skating.

Now that it’s officially Spring, even though it doesn’t feel like it much outside, today I will most probably ice skate for the final time on the lake today. It’s really nice to have a lake outside the door.

When the forces of nature push against me, I make myself push back.
Here I am, a voice actress, auditioning like mad, under seemingly unachievable timelines  and essentially being told “no” most of the time means I have to work harder.

Our voiceover world has changed, so much so in even the last five years, especially when notable and iconic VoiceOver royalty come to the forefront in the news, it creates a higher than ever profile of the industry and the numbers of new aspiring voiceover hopefuls explodes.

I recently heard there are now 1.2 million voiceover actors throughout the world, and the number is growing. Many  are told they have a good voice and that they should pursue this work, and that it’s all talk and oh so easy. They believe that they can take some workshops, be fed a bunch of promises to amp up their dreams,  be possibly told they’re ready to make a demo after spending a lot of time effort and bucks and believe that the work will magically appear in their mouths.

Balancing Dreams vs. Reality

The reality: You have to learn that this is a fast-paced business that can chew you up and spit you out as soon as it has said hello to you. So become a force of nature and write your own history.
Staying relevant is one way of being a force of nature.
Knowing and embracing who you are is another way.
Being passionate about the craft of voiceover  is another.
Being a good businessperson is at the heart of any long lived enterprise.
Loving the challenge of hearing “no” is what it’s all about. And work harder. Don’t give up.

Becoming a force of nature; It’s a major continuous kick in the seat of the pants that not all have the guts to endure.

To stay a force of nature, you must work hard to know and understand it, adapt to it, stay grounded, and be sure to have fun with it! Our  work is quite joyous and we are at our best when we are free to play.

Don’t Just Float

I read a fascinating interview with Joaquin Phoenix, the star of the movie, Her.  He says, “It’s good sometimes to not be welcomed. If everyone said, welcome, welcome, welcome, it could be dangerous. What I want most is to challenge myself, and I’m lazier than anybody. Wouldn’t you just like to float in the water a very long time? I would, but that’s no good.  You have to battle, not to float. “


  1. Other than delusions of riches because they, “have a good voice,” I think the number one mistake new people make in this business is failing to realize it is IN FACT, a business. And as such, it must be treated as one!

    You said it, it’s not just about being a good voice actor, it’s also about being a good businessperson. That, like voicing, is a skill that one should never stop developing.

    • Absolutely, Marc. So many go out of business within the first 3 years of launch, like about 80%, because they can’t hack it, or completely disregard the business end of things. Appreciate you adding to the convo here.

  2. Like aging, voice over is not for wimps! And yes, there are so many in this business. I think we all have something different to bring to the table, but the vo talent that is rooted in the business end of things, is organized, markets properly and never stops learning, is the successful talent. And, it takes TIME to build a client list… time to build relationships with people who begin putting their trust in you as they get to know your work and style. I know I still have many areas to improve upon and I have certain areas where I’m weak but I’m workin’ on it while I make a living.

    • Arlene,
      A lot of people think they can come in, make a quick hit, and it’s easy street. I agree that it takes time, as I feel any good and sustainable business, especially in entertainment, is built on relationships. And we should always consider our whole beings as our business. After all, our art is coming out of our person, in our vocal delivery. I work from the POV that I’m in a constant state of “becoming”.
      Your comment is appreciated.

  3. Hey Bobbin – great stuff here! I totally agree with becoming your own “force of nature” to compete in the VO world, or successfully in any business. And, I’m with you in being a transplant from So Cal to the Mid-West, (not all winters are like THIS one!) and appreciate that one has to embrace the less than optimal realities of living anyplace but LaLa land, and realizing there is a big, crazy world out here, and we all find our own ways of enjoying life, no matter the obstacles. Enjoy that last skate!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I just read this morning that LA County now has 10 million living there. Think I can handle a little cold and snow once in a while and enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful lake to live on while becoming a force of nature, no matter what nature deals out. I am glad I got to skate last week. Today it’s 63 degrees and things are melting fast! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Bobbin,
    Great blog. Totally impassioned, inspiring…and on-the-money regarding this business. You may not need a degree to be a voice actor, but it’s a real skill…and a business, just like any other, that needs strategies, total committment and solid planning.

    • Abbe,
      Your blog is wonderfully informative, especially coming from a voiceover coach perspective, and I’m so happy you’ve stopped here. One other word that comes to mind about this business is resiliency. Thanks for the inspiration!


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