“Weathering” the Weather

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The family traveled to Denver last  weekend to spend time with extended family for Mother’s Day.  Before we left I’d been booked for a nice national commercial VoiceOver gig via my ISDN studio on the day of our return, Monday. 
A lot of back and forth messaging followed between my agent and the client to settle on and confirm a start time , and allow for me to have a short window of time to get back from the airport. We finally settled on 3:00 Central. 

Lo and behold, a sizeable freak mid May snowstorm hit Denver with a vengeance on Sunday, and was to last through Monday. Yes, Monday, the day of my national voiceover recording ISDN session at home.  

So after a fitful night of sleep, it was decided on early Sunday to leave our hotel in the western burbs, and book into another that was very  close to the  airport. The thought of driving through the predicted 5-10 inches of snow from west Denver out to the very east edge of town during morning rush hour to  the airport was not a risk I wanted to take and potentially be late for the plane trip home. 

Monday, we woke up early, looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a lot of snow. We took the elevator to the lobby restaurant for breakfast, and the hotel power went out, just after exiting the elevator! The heavy wet snow had toppled tree limbs and power lines, and the entire block of hotels in the area were out of power. Luckily, we only had to walk up to the third floor to gather our bags. 

When we finally arrived at the airport, our flight was delayed an hour. I sent a text to my agent to apprise him of the situation.  I knew we were cutting it close. But the client really wanted the voiceover recording session completed on Monday. 

We took off, had an uneventful flight after the wings were de-iced,  arrived in Milwaukee and got into the car for the last leg of the long  journey home. What a day! I received a cell call from the studio’s engineer. He was so cool, and immediately put me at ease by his understanding of the situation. Thankfully I was only a few minutes from home by that time so I was able to hydrate, turn on the computer and fire up the ISDN.

The voiceover session went very smoothly. Shortly after the call dropped, predicted rain showers turned into a full-blown electrical thunderstorm.  And then… the power went out at home. Moments earlier, there would’ve been no more power to even turn on my  ISDN Zephyr.
Such timing!

I was counting my blessings for booking such a nice voiceover gig, hanging out  in the living room at home while recounting the day’s events. I was thinking about how timing is everything.   And I’m ever so thankful for the candles illuminating my space , and the ability to finish a day of successfully “weathering” the weather. 


  1. Wow, what a story! So glad it worked out. But how many times have you booked a session with a client (in your home studio) only to have THEM delay for script approval, or some other reason. If you’re like me…more than once (understatement!) It was meant to be in your case, but I do find that especially fluke weather situations can sometimes be good grounds for waiting for either talent or producer. You can control a lot of things, but NOT Mother Nature.

    • Hey Debbie,
      Your remark about Mother Nature is so on point. Things can get dicey when weather and travel get together and can’t agree. I hope you enjoy the long weekend. I’m sure planning to.

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