Insanely Busy, Sane Productivity

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Nine weeks ago I enrolled myself in a twelve-week course created and offered by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, named “Insane Productivity”.

To call the experience so far as a game-changer, would be an understatement.

Because I have invested a four-figure tuition, I will not reveal the complete details I’ve gleaned so far, but I will share a few poignant highlights that are helping me to break away from some of the old ways I’ve operated my business and my life in the past.

1) I’ve learned more about digital distractions, social media,   and associated marketing ploys and mindless entertainment which have become a blood-sport for our attention.  We  are knowingly doing it to ourselves.  Our collective productivity as a society has dropped measurably because of it, costing U.S. businesses $650 billion a year. We love it…and  most of us are addicted.

It’s  the tail wagging the dog.  Now, no longer do I feel I am a slave to checking my email at all times. No guilt. And I do not allow anyone in the house to have their phones on the table at meal times. Ringers, pings are off or the phone’s in another room.  Manners, please!

Don’t even consider looking at cell phones or texting while driving (God forbid), in bed, the bathroom,(ugh) or even when it’s not ringing or vibrating. I’ve  been successfully activating the silence switch on my phone or simply ignoring it during  several 90 minute stretches each day while I focus on getting things done.  This simple act is bringing results, and less stress into the day, because I’m getting more done! When I get more done, I can sleep better at night, and  it gets me closer to my ultimate goals


2) I subscribe to the concept that the biggest challenge and skill required to succeed in the 21st century is learning to control ATTENTION.

3)Check out these interesting factoids: from the All Things D Report

a. 66% have nomophobia, the fear of being out of mobile phone contact -NBC News

b.33% would give up sex to keep their smart phone

c. 50% would give up caffeine

d. 66% would give up chocolate

e. 50% would give up exercise

f. 70% would give up alcohol  (trading one addiction for another?)

g. 43% would give up shoes (Really?)


I’m working on my agenda now. Not someone else’s. Some of the following agenda items require more time and planning, which I call the “big hairy bull-frogs”.  Here are most of  the current  to-do list items, aside from ongoing daily voiceover work and auditions:

-Update character demo

-Schedule annual physical appointment

-Redesign of  branding and website- The biggest, hairiest one of them all!

-Look into European vacation

-Enroll in improv class

-Meet with  financial planner

-Create and update a new marketing/editorial calender

-Complete narration of my latest Audioook, War of Hearts by Lynn Hubbard,  get it proofed, complete corrections, mastering and upload.

-Hire a social media assistant

Of course the list goes on . So focus is key to sanity and productivity. I’m running with it!



  1. There is such tasty meat on this particular blog bone, Bobbin. God bless your sane productivity. I’m convinced it’s going to yield profitable results! 🙂

    • Hi Debby!
      Tasty meat on the blog bone, indeed. That line made me smile. Thanks for stopping by, and may your days be insanely productive, as well.

  2. Couldn’t agree more.

    House rules for working at home: TV on only at lunch (news or Daily Show and social media only 45min – 1 hr.) Office/Studio door closed = quiet. Social media during breakfast/morning coffee 1 hr. Work a.m.2-3 hr; p.m til done or dinner. TV news/social media during dinner, work after if not finished. No TV ’til done.

    Cellphone number known to only 3 people (plus emergency contacts.) Not allowed in studio. Landline caller ID screened.

    • Wow Ed. Great discipline. Bravo! And great info from you that should be followed. Your routines are your habits!

  3. Good stuff, Bobbin! I have known for a long time that constantly checking my emails, doing social media, and having my cell nearby are HUGE distractions to my daily routine. It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t do a blog, too. I read those who have had some effect or influence on me, but I think there is enough ‘noise’ out there, and I don’t feel the need to add to the fray. If I’m going to multi-task, which is necessary in today’s world, I have to prioritize and simplify….in olden days, that would have been the same mantra as, ‘work smarter, not harder’! I imagine the productivity of the US would significantly uptick if cell phones were not as capable as they are made to be.

    • Hi Susan,
      I agree about the over-delivery of content out there. There IS a lot of noise and filters are required or you end up blowing a lot of time before you even realize it. I disagree about the necessity to multi-task. I now believe multi-tasking erodes effectiveness that in turn, dilutes focus. Agreed about prioritizing though. And yes, it is simple, yet so difficult to sustain. I’m battling to protect my mind daily.
      All The Best,


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