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There’s a lot of talk about what makes one’s “signature voice”. As I ready myself to travel to Tucson, Arizona for yet another Faffcon, I’ll be considering what I came up with a while back in an effort to define my own consideration of that elusive title. The reason I’ll be revisiting this is because I look at this particular Faffcon as a journey, a moment in time to enhance this voiceover career, and renew myself, again. This time, I’m approaching the unconference a little differently.

As usual, I will leave myself completely wide open to surprise, reflection, relaxation, fun, and highly stimulating peers. It’s like going home to some family reunion of creatives. All the while, adding to my experiences that comprise me, and that signature voice of mine. What will be different is that since we’re staing at a resort/spa, I”m getting a facial, and intend to get some solid exercise in the pool while I’m there. I’ve also decided to not have a roommate this time around. Just the experience of some solitude and quiet is also what I seek.

Here goes…My Signature Voice

“My signature voice cannot be compartmentalized into a singular description, because it’s reflected in my personality and my emotional response to the words and subtext before me.

So whatever comes from the core of my performance and out of my mouth is the result of trusting myself and the spontaneous synthesis of all that I am in the moment that is unique and authentically me.”

I challenge any voice actor to lay it on the line here and ask you if you’re willing to to define your signature voice?


  1. Your description is so spot on, Bobbin, that I can only add to “trusting myself and the spontaneous synthesis of all that I am in the moment that is unique and authentically me,” is “and all that I have ever been.” We bring a wealth of lifetime experiences to our performances, making the results unique and evolutionary.

    • Rosemary,
      And you are spot on. We draw from all of our experiences, and they make us what we are. They cannot help but be manifested in our reads.
      ps- Missed you at Faffcon!

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