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I recently went on a real vacation to Spain, mixing business and pleasure. And I visited Studiobricks in Barcelona, which was more like a pilgrimage for this voice over lady. Play and work on vacation, definitely works for me!

It was a dream vacation in Spain for ten days that took fifteen years of inertia and other committments for my husband and I to finally make into reality.

The journey  was a wonderful adventure, filled with sights, art, architecture, culinary bliss, relaxation, fitness, and a little business. Yes, I did take my Apogee mic and iPad and did a few quick voiceovers for some regular and important clients.


Here’s a short voice over recorded from my hotel room at the beach in Sitges, Spain. It was a fast track job with some good potential of future business for a large custom home builder from California.  You just have to love all the  technology that allows us Voice Over talents to work from just about anywhere in the world there is wi-fi.


While in Barcelona, Thursday was very exciting as I had the honor of enjoying a personal tour of  the Studiobricks fabrication facility. Owner and managing director, Guillermo Jungbauer picked my husband and I  up at our hotel and we drove to the eastern outskirts of Barcelona, high up in the hills to an industrial park where the company is now located.  We learned much about how the business began and has grown stradily along the way.

Guillermo told us how Studiobricks was born out of his own need for a sound-absorbant space to practice music. (He plays the saxophone)

Studiobrick has superb acoustic properties, which was embraced by musicians long before it caught on as a VoiceOver application.  The company’s been growing internationally and gaining a larger, global clientele , including Sony pictures LA, the BBC in London, and Disney Parks, Paris.

Our first stop was the warehouse where the crates are made for Studiobricks overseas shipping. Guillermo had to drop off a replacement door for a booth awaiting shipment.

StudioBricksShippingFullSizeRender (2)

Our host was on a short timeline as he had to pick up another booth from our next stop, the fabrication facility,  change vehicles, and drive to Madrid for an urgent installation. It was here that we could see every step of the process.  Here’s an example of the triple wall assembly for the Studiobrocks Premium booth.

Studiobricks wall

Studiobricks wall

The place was a beehive of activity. We saw fine wooden wall boards being milled, sanded lacquered, and sanded again. There were  pallets loaded with the foam-pressed walls, the painting , sanding and finishing areas which included custom logos and graphics printed on a huge UV inkjet printer. Fully assembled, the Studiobricks booth truly is a gorgeous and sophisticated looking piece of furniture!  Below is a photo of Guillermo and me, standing in front of a 9′ x 15′ Studiobricks booth (room) in process of fabrication which was ordered by the BBC in London. Before shipping, all the parts are inspected, ensuring each booth is  complete and of the best quality and  preassembly’s required prior to shipping. Their simple yet detailed  assembly guide shows all parts as individually numbered for fast assembly.

Guillermo Jungbauer and Bobbin Beam standing with the BBC booth

Guillermo Jungbauer and Bobbin Beam standing with the BBC booth

I was able to step inside the Studiobricks One, the 3×4′ unit. And the 5’x5′ was even nicer, and the one in process for the BBC was a custom 9’x15′ room. One interesting item of note: There are no screws used in the assembly of Studiobricks. It is a completely modular system. Any penetrations would allow for sound to get in or out.

Studiobricks is contemplating opening up a location in New York in response to increased demand in the US. I believe the sky’s the limit for this company in its myriad applications, for musicians, music stores,  voice over artists, and  the general entertainment industry.

Here’s a link to Studiobricks website.

Studiobricks Brochure page

Studiobricks Brochure page


To see more photos of my Spanish adventure, visit my photos on Facebook


  1. What a COOL use of your time Bobbin! This company is thoroughly impressive! What a treat for you (and them).

    • Hi Dustin,
      Thanks for stopping by. I must say that I agree with you about the company. It’s extremely well-run, and here’s a little-known fact: They also make high-end, gorgeously decorated furniture! When Guillermo said he’d pick us up and drive us there was completely unexpected, and so very cool, considering how busy the man is.

  2. OOOOHHHH, Bobbin, sounds like a blast! If Studiobricks does come to NY, I’m going to really want to buy one. Thanks for sharing the high points of your trip!

    • Hey Jill,
      It WAS a blast! And yes, I’m seriously thinking about upgrading my vocal booth, and when I do, it’ll most probably be Studiobricks. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  3. First of all Bobbin, congrats on your fabulous trip! Most of Europe is still on my bucket list and it’s soooo easy to put off another year… and another year…
    AND, I’ve been planning on upgrading to a StudioBricks booth at some point as well. A NY office that would eliminate the shipping overseas would be AMAZING for our industry. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Moe,
      You MUST try and get to Europe. And I know how inertia, or lack of it can drag on from year to year. We had been talking about a plan to go for 15 years before we decided to just do it! I too am anticipating a possible New York expansion of Studiobricks, a first in the States. They have an amazing product. I hope it happens for all of us, and Guillermo. What a cool guy!
      Thanks for swinging by.

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