It’s a wrap. The end of 2014. “Unbelievable”, I always seem to think over the holidays, about how quickly the year went. And this year was no different than the others. Time sneaks up more quickly each year, like a thief. Last year, (2013) my husband had some scary health and employment issues that took their toll, but the outcomes made him and our family stronger. And he’s doing better than ever now, having a new healthy lease on life, plus he started his own business, and I couldn’t be more pleased for him.

I imagine  many are getting ready for their New Years celebrations, and making resolutions. Sadly, too many resolutions that began in earnest fizzle by mid-February. At least that’s how it goes at the gym I belong to. It’s packed in January, then life gets in the way for many.

I’ve been reading and finding plenty of takeaways from today’s most influential leaders about 2015 that I’m happy to share.

I’ve been reminded that it’s a good thing to take stock in your life and career, at least once per year.

I have pretty much abandoned the whole “annual” resolutions thing and sharing them with the outside world, because, as of last year, I am always setting new goals. I make new resolutions every day!

Yet,  I like to look back at the end of the year as I gaze forward to a new year, a blank slate, and a new page of  bigger and loftier goals.

New Years resolutions are about hope for the future. And there’s much to be said about the immense fulfillment from achieving them.

On my list are typical to do’s. But there’s a bigger picture that governs. I’m thinking of two words:

  • Intention and implementation.
    Intention addresses  plans and goals, plus it informs and motivates the implementation of goals and dreams.  My intentions or goals (resolutions) are broken  into basic categories.
    Then I inventory all from my own “warehouse “.
  • Business and financial
  • Personal and community
  • Health & wellness
  • Spiritual & emotional
  • Educational & Intellectual

Using instincts to dig deeper for truth

  • What must I do to pursue creativity and make better connections in my reads?
  • How can I let go of my inner critic and just rise above my fears?
  • What habits do I have that I will no longer tolerate?
  • How to say no to things I should have never committed to? I’m not neurotic, really. I’m an artist. And pushing my limits in new ways makes me feel alive and creative. So delving into understanding human nature and people is my business. And demanding more of myself, as well as letting go of things I can no longer tolerate in my life will create needed change.

What about “Success”?

Success is NOT just about reaching financial or professional peaks. Anybody who’s been around in this business a while knows both can vanish overnight.  I read an article by Chelsea Greenwood that states, “Success also involves cultivating solid relationships, striving to achieve health and well-being, giving back to others and generally leading a life of purpose. Success isn’t an endpoint-it’s a lifelong process.”

So as much as today is the last day of the year, it’s also a time to let go of things. Intentional living is where all goals big dreams and aspirations reside. I believe that implementing  intentions and working hard will move us closer to our goals. (resolution fulfillment)

But we shouldn’t live this way and feel this way just once per year!  We’re human, and the old saying about “old habits die hard” is painfully true. Change happens with daily action. So now, the last blog post of the year is here. We  cannot take back the time already spent. We can’t change what’s been done, but we can seize time and create a new ending.

So that a  wrap for 2014. The end. We’ll all be in a different place a year from today. My hope is that we’re all closer to our wildest dreams on this day next year.


  1. Great ideas here Bobbin. All the best to you in 2015!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks so much. And may you enjoy a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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