Happy Belated New Year Everyone! Now it’s all about intention and implementation.  I’ve been off enjoying the holiday fun, but this week has been all about getting back into the groove of routine. I like more structure, no doubt about it. There were some days between Christmas and New Year’s that I really had to think about  what day it was!

No “resolutions” made as I goal-set daily and prioritize on my flow chart. But I have a concept I’m sharing here that I’m calling my “key words” for this year: Intention and Implementation. These words are at the top of my daily list I use as a tool to keep me on track and propel me forward. At the moment I’m working on getting new business cards, looking into selling some extra recording gear no longer in use, enrolling in a yoga class, writing a blog post, teaching a new VO student, reading a book “The Four-Hour Work Week”, reaching out to clients and updating more voiceover demos. Notice how I’ve incorporated personal and professional tasks. Life is not just about voiceover business alone.

The flow chart is where I control my day to day activities and decisions. Goal-setting has become routine. Then adding tracking and reinforcements.

And recording a new e-learning gig that’s due next week.  The work of recording voiceover must be mentioned, even though its the most fun of all, and oftentimes doesn’t feel like work at all. Onward and upward!


    • Thanks for the affirmation, Debbie, my VO Sister! And Happy New Year to you!

  1. Your I ‘n I is a real inspiration; so work-it and beam ahead, lovely!

    • Hey Debby. I get inspired from reading things written by those before me. I’m channeling what the best thought-leaders are suggesting. I want to find a better way to work more efficiently and effectively, so I can spend more time on other important pursuits as well.
      Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Wow, you are ambitious with that “to do” list. I’m lucky to just answer emails, eat something, and do my work. Oh yeah, and read blogs. I like having other folks as my extra helpers, that handle a lot of things that I don’t have time (or energy) for, and when one is a husband, that can be extremely advantageous. All the best to you in 2015 Bobbin.

    • Hi Debbie,
      You’re wise to engage others to help you. That’s something I’m committed to doing more of in 2015. I’ll post more about my success in that endeavor to really delegate and let go!!!

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