In the few occasions a week I’ll stop to check in on Facebook, I seem to always see the same hyper-active people, talking about themselves, boasting and bragging about how many awesome VO gigs, and films and commercials they’re booking. With emphasis on the hype. Every time.

Braggadocio, defined: in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary


noun \ˌbra-gə-ˈdō-sē-ˌō, -shē-, -chē-, -(ˌ)shō, -(ˌ)chō\

“: the annoying or exaggerated talk of someone who is trying to sound very proud or brave”

Then of course, we’ll always see the cute animal pictures, the TMI posts from people I don’t even know discussing the details their recent surgery, and the ever increasing ads “in my face”-book. And whatever happened to etiquette and social decorum? I start seeing posts of friends of a friend that I don’t know from Adam, or Eve. Some stuff can be really disgusting! Yech. I won’t even repeat it.

While I’m happy for these voiceover “friends”, and occasionally send them high-fives and likes, I consider my own and other’s career realities.  While I’ve earned myself a good career as a voice actress over the years, I’ve experienced highs and lows. I never read about the lows the braggarts encounter. And I’ll rarely post about my own work. I’ll write about musings, life, something that may be helpful, funny or inspirational to others and the occasional photo that offers a glimpse into my life. I don’t feel the need to be boastful.

Social Media is not a marketing tool! It’s a networking tool to connect with your tribe. And you don’t need to preach the gospel of “you you you” and feed a steady diet of your wonderfulness to your tribe!

Consider the social media space like a cocktail party. If you’ve ever encountered someone at a gathering who talk talk talk about themselves all the time, you know, that smug Mr. know it all? What would YOU do? Excuse yourself, as fast as possible, and avoid that person in the room when you see him/her again.

I adore this quote from Tina Fey, when asked why she wasn’t on social media : “Why does everyone need an audience every moment of their life?”

I once read something that someone stated about social media contacts. Would any of them cry at your funeral? I think not. That realization is quite liberating indeed.

But what comes to mind is the best career advice ever. As a matter of fact, I’ve pasted this to my monitor in my studio booth. Sorry to say I don’t know who said it.

“Best Career Advice Ever:

You can’t worry about the competition. It’s not the standard that matters. It’s the standard you hold yourself to.”

The thing that bothers me the most is I’ll never get that wasted time spent back and allowing some people to rent space in my head.  Maybe I’m just too private. Maybe I’m a rebel and pushing back. And yes, a bit vulnerable at times. Maybe I just need to put my blinders on and focus on MY stuff.