Talk Center America, is  a hybrid television program, “at the intersection of social and  mass media, web, and TV”, which featured a show last evening titled, “Trade Secrets: Voice Over Artists”. I am honored to have been asked to be one of the 20 or so voiceover talents to appear on the show. Talk Center America features a patented, host-driven interactive format with original, new live content.  Read more about this innovative and interactive medium of communication and content and then watch the show below!

From the VCC website:

“Video Caller Television is a new genre of live television content being developed by Wolzien LLC for use in co-productions for broadcast and cable television networks and stations. It starts with a logical evolution of caller-based talk radio into the IP video age where viewers can see what callers look like, what they show, and what they do. Our patented enabling technology makes the production process work smoothly and very efficiently. Multiple callers connect individually via IP video services, are screened by producers and sent to the show host for final switching to air using assistive automation. Uniquely for TV, the host controls the live air. There is no control room, and therefore staffing is minimal.

The Video Call Center™ (VCC) is our production service and facility that uses a unique, patented combination of inbound, studio, and outbound technologies. At The Video Call Center, we handle multiple callers at the same time, with many screened and simultaneously ready for the host to select for air. We have learned that bringing in one or two IP video calls is easy, but making sure that the host always has a choice of callers, requires handling many simultaneous calls and prepping them for air. That, we have learned, is not easy, particularly when we are trying to balance the necessary responsibilities of licensed broadcasters while maintaining the democracy of the web.

We want to handle each caller without pre-call selection. We want anybody, anywhere in the world to be able to call without any pre-arrangement or conference planning. This fosters a “you never know what will happen” feel. This is distinctly unlike web videoconferences that require setup, approval, and, often, call back, or other approaches that recommend not allowing callers to connect on their own for fear of something untold getting on the air. The Video Call Center approach finds the balance between the wild and free web and responsible broadcast. At the same time, special, patented techniques are used to streamline the processing of caller information to maximize production efficiency, and always keep the host informed of the next callers. The Video Call Center really is at the intersection of social and mass media, TV and the web.”

More than half of the great talents who appeared on this program are my personal, and not just virtual friends, with whom I’ve had long-standing relationships.

I had fun not only participating, but also listening and learning, and capturing a glimpse into my voiceover friend’s inner sanctums.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Wow, watched the WHOLE thing (which is pretty amazing, considering my very short attention span!) but I loved seeing so many familiar faces and names. It was kind of like meeting everyone in person, since I’m not at all the VO meet-ups. Very interesting to hear the different specialties of everyone, and yet some not touched at all: i.e. animation, promo/trailer, and direct response, to name a few. Bruce J. made me laugh – kind of like the host was imposing on his afternoon siesta or something. It really makes me appreciate how good people like Ellen DeGeneres, or Oprah, or Matt Lauer truly are. Interviewing folks is no easy feat, and juggling all of you, with that impressive studio, was quite the accomplishment. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Debbie,
      It was fun to see so many friends that night, and view their spaces, and hear all the different things we all do. I’ve heard Bruce J. is kinda like that all the time. I wouldn’t know. 🙂 Thanks for adding to the convo.

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