ISDN Bridge with no contract!

ISDN To Go is an easy ISDN bridging service , and is the first to offer monthly memberships.  Such is the increased need for this service as the telcos are putting pressure on voice talent  and recording studios in various portions of the USA by steadily jacking up the monthly rate for service or discontinuing new connections of ISDN service altogether.

Born from obvious and growing demand, ISDN To Go will bridge to ISDN via Source-Connect or ipDTL offering a plethora of membership options, requiring no contracts or set up fees.

For more in depth information about how Good Old ISDN is under pressure, do read Dave Immer’s  recent blog post citing the muli-fold reasons for pressure on ISDN. Alternative ISDN services are becoming more scarce, and the only  another option, ISDN-PRI, even though it’s delivered fiber-optically, (unlike the twisted pair copper wires of ISDN-BRI), basic costs of $600-900 per month plus another $4,000 for the codec are not practical.

The writing is on the wall. It looks like ISDN To Go could help save us audio recording folks thousands annually on ISDN services and equipment.