Dear Blogosphere,

I’m feeling like I have nothing new to say sometimes. There’s so much noise out here, and it seems like so many others have already said it, or have the latest app/gizmo to talk about, interview, mic technique, or voiceover class event they want to hawk. It sometimes is so overwhelming I just have to close my eyes and breathe deeply to stay on track.

I’m not selling anything.  No voiceover classes. No affiliate links that’ll gain me residual income . None of that.  That’s been the position here since day one.  I believe that’s what makes this blog a little different. I’m not sharing to monetize this thing.  The only “angle” I have is to be readily transparent, helpful, and to put a small dent in the universe.  Teaching VO to beginners on a grander scale could be on the agenda much further down the road or cleaning out some gear no longer in use.

The New Deal 

I’ve decided to write shorter posts moving into the future. My life and work are always super busy, like the readers of this blog. I’m constantly studying, reading or focusing on myself  and career that days slip by, and then…whoops! I’ll feel the guilt for not writing here.

Curating and producing content for a blog is time-consuming, sometimes taking hours to produce. Bobbin’s Blog is now eight years old and still rolling along. I love to write, and have now decided to share journal bits moving forward. Things that’ll maybe take a minute or two to read and ponder, or not.  Bobbin’s Blog will now feature interesting or funny things I’ll read, save hear, see, or feel  inspired by. And to share  more frequent posts here are the plan. Heck, you may even see a recipe or two.

Inspiration from Journaling

I got the idea for the new direction of this blog by going back over some journal entries which completely took me back to the “place” that felt that sense of awe, inspiration and creativity. I’ll do this about once a month. It shows me where I’ve been on so many levels.  I started to think that sharing these items might light up others lives, careers, or resonate in some way. Topics from my personal journal will include career and business advice, inspiring quotes, a-ha moments, take-aways from interviews or books read, and marketing ideas for creatives.

And because our lives are so busy and attention spans are out of control, I feel “shorter” will be better for everyone. Moving forward, hoping you’ll join me on this new and experimental journey into shorter, sweeter blogging..


  1. It’s not easy to maintain consistency. So if shortening things up helps to increase motivation to keep going, then we all win. 🙂

    A friend of mine, named Warren Whitlock, always recommends that it is wise (when blogging) to avoid trying to answer everything. We shouldn’t write blog articles trying to cover every single point. If we write in that manner, if we write the perfect blog post that says ‘everything’ then our readers will read it, and think, ‘Well, that says it all’ and then they won’t comment and join the conversation.

    Then we all sort of lose.

    So shorter is probably wiser, leave some things unsaid, and it passes the opportunity on to others.

    Best Regards,

    ps I struggle with following good advice all the time. 😉

    • Thanks Brett!

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