86,400 seconds. That’s what we are all given each day.

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We all have 86,400 seconds each day. I am striving to choose to spend mine well with my eyes wide open. “I must do the most productive thing possible at any given time. ” This is a mantra I now try to follow that I once heard from master sales trainer and mentor Tom Hopkins.

In the past couple of years. I’ve committed to reading more books. So I’ve purchased a subscription to Audible and now have an audio library of some 65+ books.  Plus I’m getting other hard-bound books to devour from my local library. I read for entertainment, encouragement, enlightenment, alternative points of view, love of literature and an insatiable taste for learning. I also enjoy listening to fellow audiobook narrators in order to tune into their narrative styles and acting performances. Much inspiration out there!

“Learning is the key to health, wealth, success and all the treasures that life has to offer. ” Jim Rohn

We are given this one life, with no pauses, rewinds, fast forward options or extra lives, so I encourage you to make those seconds count! We sometimes forget we are mortal creatures, but we need to realize that with each breath, our time is ticking away. So grab it. Take the time! Share your time. Life is not about time management. It’s all about self-management.

A good friend once said, “Life ain’t no dress rehearsal”.

So I’m committed each day to a whole new journey, to serve and share myself, my wealth and creativity with my family, friends , clients, and community.

On to the future!