I love Summer. Where we live, it’s the absolute best time of year.  It’s the payoff for January and February, generally the coldest months of the year here. Work kind of slows down with summer hiatus and client vacations, so time loosens up a bit for voice actors to get out and enjoy life, family, friends and summer sports.

This particular Summer has been extra busy for us. Voice over work has been slower as “summer” usual… yet steady, which has also freed me up to do other big things on my agenda. Timing is everything, right?

We’re in the throes of remodeling a lake home we’ve owned for twelve years but have never really lived in. We’d come from California for a week or two summer visit. The rest of the time it was a rental property. We’re done being landlords and being renters ourselves, as we look at our long term horizons. So we decided  with the input of our CPA and Financial advisor team that it’s in our best interests that we’re heading back to our Pretty Lake home!

The remodel has been amazing. The place really looks great now. But there have been delays here and there, as is the case with many construction projects,  but it is coming together. It sure better as we move in a month. Yes, we’re already packing and taking stuff there.

Our last move in 2012 was more onerous. We sold our California house of 28 years in four days after listing it, and had a 30-day escrow period, and we were moving back to Wisconsin. Big logistics. Little time.

This coming move will be more permanent, but it feels huge as I stare it down.  The house is only about 20 minutes away, and it will be our “forever home”. But never forget, moving is a ton of work!

At times, all the simultaneous details of the remodel and the move seem overwhelming. So much to keep straight and on-track.  And my sweet mother-in-law passed away a couple weeks ago. So the stuff happening in our lives seems to pile on right now. Pacing and balance is key in keeping it all together.  Yesterday, we took another load of stuff to the new house and did some heavy sweaty lifting and clean up there. Now we’re doing this several times a week.  So this  kind of explains why my posts have been slower to materialize as well. I’ll be revisiting my own blog to see how I packed up my voice over recording studio equipment in 2012, and will document some things I’ll be doing here as I move along in the next month. Yikes! It’s coming fast!!!

Last evening the lake was calm as glass as we took the kayak out for a sunset cruise. We came home to our current place we’re renting, on another beautiful lake,  with the moon glistening its silvery beams as the warmth of the water stirred its own slight breeze across our skin. Ah the panacea of life in balance. If only for a brief time, it was heaven on earth.

Summer, oh Summer,  I adore thee.


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