Moving Your VO Business is Such Sweet Sorrow

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I’m going to tell you how moving your VO business is such sweet sorrow, and how I spent my Summer vacation.


         View from our New Front Yard

Well now that the kids are back in school, and the Autumnal equinox is almost upon us, I figured it was the perfect time to finally come up for air and recount my awesome Summer as a VO actress.

When we moved back to the Midwest three years ago after living in California for 28,  we rented a place in my beloved birth home area on Beaver Lake, which was hard to leave because I grew up there. We decided for a number of reasons to move back into a home on another lake we’ve actually owned for twelve years but never lived in -which served as an investment property.

The fun actually began in late March of this year when we had to evict a renter that we gave six months’ notice. It’s a darling little place on a lake in a peaceful community about 15 miles away. But the guy  living there had to go. The place was left a total mess plus it was a furnished rental. Much of our  furniture was in a bad state and there was a lot to clean up, inside and outside. So to bring it up to better standards, we hired a contractor to do some major remodeling.

We started the remodeling process by early May. But we had to unload a house full of furniture and appliances. We made a lot of donations!

Next the remodel itself was a ton of logistics, and problems to work through, as is the usual case in construction. Not to mention numerous trips to the home improvement stores and back and forth to the house to check on our contractor’s progress and to drop boxes off along the way.

Then the packing to move, the move day itself, and the unpacking aftermath. The most daunting was moving my studio VO booth , where it now resides in its third location. It came through with flying colors. Disconnecting all the gear and quickly reconnecting everything over a 24 hour period was back-breaking. Anybody with a home VO studio knows how to crawl, right?


All the while, I continued to work on my voiceover career, to greater and lesser degrees. I voiced for my regular clients, and let many VO auditions go that weren’t totally in my “wheelhouse”. And I was really OK with that. Yes, there were some audition opportunities unanswered, deleted, or missed deadlines altogether because my priorities and focus had to shift and move from day to day. There was one week we had relatives staying and a death in in the family. I opted out of a lot of social media as there was absolutely no time to waste. The countdown to move day was on for August 28th. There was no turning back!
But the payoff is grand, I must say. It’s really so pretty to live in nature. And now that we’re getting more organized, out of most boxes and putting stuff up on the walls, it feels better each day.
And I am totally feeling at home at my new studio location. Such a relief to be open for business!
So there you have it. The Summer blur. I am settling now after almost three weeks of digging out. I love my house, and will someday wonder how we did all that stuff during the Summer of 2015.


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