This is a Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy. This cool Infographic about the freelancer’s work life was shared with me by a nice lady named Grace from Freshbooks. She found Bobbin’s blog, liked it, and wrote to me, “You offer some really creative advice on growing in the voiceover business. A freelancer’s career can be challenging, but also very rewarding 🙂



You’ll need to click on the image to enlarge and navigate it, but for the many creative individuals who like to stop by here, I’m hoping they’ll find the points it conveys are inspiring and oh-so-true!

As to my own insights into navigating through the voiceover “freelancing galaxy,” the only thing I’d switch out may be coffee or a good night’s sleep in lieu of the energy drink! And while business is slow,  or there’s a setback, I use the following tools that help me to manage your ever-changing day-to-day life as a voiceover actress.

  • Make lists of priorities, and tackle the biggest one first each day
  • Two “Focus” sessions, working sprints of 54 minutes, with rest periods of 17 minutes, with no looking at my mobile device, or email. I’ll try to do at least two to three “sprints”each day if possible.
  • When the microphone is off, the marketing hat goes on.
  • Make two to three calls a day, to clients, prospects, or associates.
  • Journaling
  • Reading, a mixture of fiction, and self-development and inspirational materials in audiobook format

A Freelancer’s life working as a full-time voiceover actor/actress is as wonderful and as challenging as it gets. I love working for myself. My time is my own, and I embrace change and setbacks as much as I’ll embrace successes. There are many of each!

One of my favorite voiceover coaches I had the chance to study with, the legendary Joanie Gerber said about this voiover acting business….

“Don’t brag, and don’t bitch”. I’ve never forgotten that.