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Bobbin Beam is a Founding 500 Member of WorldVoices.org

Bobbin Beam is a Founding 500 Member of WorldVoices.org

Proud to be one of WOVO’s Founding 500!

I was so pleased to receive this email recently from WOVO, and congratulate the organization’s hard work and dedication from the board of directors. They are all voice talents, and volunteering their time and treasures on behalf of those in the pursuit of a voice over career. I contribute mentorship and support. But wish to thank and honor my peers who have given so much more. Their names are mentioned below.

As World-Voices Organization celebrates the milestone of 500 members, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who believed in our mission to do something beneficial for the current voice over industry, who joined us and stayed with us as we grew, and who helped us gain the level of visibility and credibility in the industry that we are enjoying now.

Who are the “Founding 500”?

Our “Founding 500” are the backbone of this organization, the early support system, our champions, our cheerleaders, and our megaphones. We appreciate your membership and support more than you can imagine. We had no idea when we decided to form the organization that would become WoVO, in March 2012 in a rented car in Ventura, California, that our idea of a true voice over industry association would be welcomed by so many. You helped make it happen.

The “Founding 500” badge is our way of saying Thank You for supporting us as we find our way, strengthen, and grow into the organization you want us to be. Together, we can educate talents on better voice over business practices, we can educate purchasers about the value of hiring professional voice talent, and we can continue to raise positive awareness of the working freelance voice actor in today’s busy marketplace.

Once again, we thank you. To the future!

Dustin Ebaugh, President Emeritus & Founder
Dave Courvoisier, President & Founder
Dan Lenard, Vice President & Founder
Chris Mezzolesta, Vice President & Founder
Robert Sciglimpaglia, Counsel-At-Large & Founder

Peter Bishop, Executive Vice President
Katherin Vasilopoulos, Secretary
Elizabeth Holmes, Treasurer
Randye Kaye, Executive Board
Pam Lorence, Executive Board
Karyn O’Bryant, Executive Board
Brad Venable, Executive Board




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