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If you’ve had email issues, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “UGH”! Oh dear, oh dear how dependent I’ve become on email for my voiceover business. And it became apparent how much the dependence and taking email and even my website for granted was folly when everything broke!

I’ll spare the minutiae as to exactly how I completely blew my internet communications apart, but will admit it all began by committing major pilot error while updating routine domain stuff at GoDaddy, which hosts my website, and hosted WordPress blog.

And because I don’t want to download voluminous emails and potentially malicious attachments on to my computer, and gunking it up, the ensuing error affected my cloud-based Gmail importing, sending, replies and forwarding functions which started bouncing inbound and outbound emails. Embarrassing? You betcha!

None of what happened is the fault of GoDaddy or Gmail, although I found that gmail doesn’t appear to always play well with non-Google apps. After spending literally hours and countless phone calls to GoDaddy (yes they answer the phone and you can talk to real people who are interested in helping you) and conversations with my web developer, I’m making a change. And it’s because I have to eliminate the distractions of the past week and save my sanity.

Instead of losing any more sleep and worrying about how many emails I’ve missed or the which folks think I’m a flake for not responding or heaven forbid they are my clients who couldn’t get a hold of me in the past week, the situation is resolving.

No more will I take the wonder of email for granted.
No more will I complain or get frustrated with the vastness of the internet’s technical jargon, myriad setups, IMAP or POP rules and how much I don’t know.

Now just first cruising to my email server, and only downloading what I want when I want is the solution for me now with a program that’s already resident on my computer. Outlook. And at this juncture, I’ll be spending time with the initial set up, but at least it works. With my rules. For now. Thank you very much.

P.S. – Happy Halloween! Hope this story didn’t scare you like it did me.


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