Happy New Year…Party’s Over

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Happy New Year…Party’s over

Happy New Year, Female Voice Talent Blog, Bobbin BeamIt’s almost New Year’s, and I suppose it’s time to host or go to a New Year’s party. (Personally I prefer to stay off the roads on New Year’s Eve) Anyway, it seems like everyone and their brother’s been at a month-long holiday party. I’ll admit I’ve been partaking in plenty of the seasonal festivities too.  In the voiceover world, many agencies and production companies close up shop the last two weeks of December.  So here it is, the last week of 2015, and those New Year’s Resolutions start dancing in our heads.


You start seeing all the diet and exercise commercials on TV. Gym memberships and home equipment are THE thing to do right now. And another season of “The Biggest Loser” or a knock-off must be starting soon. I watch, and listen to the voiceovers in those and all commercials, and in anything I view. Heck, always learning and observing and staying aware is our job!

To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

Funny thing. Attendance at the gym usually drops off by mid-February.  So what’s up with resolutions? Why do they fail so much? I’ve just read that only 8% of so-called resolutions are successful.  Here’s a great article from Psychology Today on the subject.

Oh boy. I know a lot of people get real resolution-centric all of a sudden. As for me, I know I work super hard all year, and know that I deserve to take some time off once in a while, so I like to enjoy this week with a little work balanced with a little play. It’s necessary. It helps me avoid burnout. I’ll tinker. Tidy up. I have an open-ended set of life goals that I like to revisit and update or rework occasionally. That doesn’t always occur at New Years. It’s quarterly at least.

Be Simple, and Tangible

Many things I’ll do weekly and/or daily! These good habits have been engrained over a period of time and are my way of life.  Another great thing is, now “Awards season” is upon us. Being in the business of show-business,  I enjoy spending time watching and learning from all the films and TV shows up for nomination. I’ll make time for that. It’s work AND entertainment. No guilt here.  And I’ll still enjoy the extra luxury of time to read, research, organize and strategize for the New Year and the long-term.

But most importantly, I’ll take time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e! Cheers, and Happy New Year! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it!


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