Voxy Ladies Summit

Female voice talent, Voxy Ladies Summit, Bobbin Beam

The first ever Voxy Ladies Summit convened this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. About 75 female voiceover talents were in attendance.

So what and who are the Voxy Ladies? Established by group leader, Lisa Biggs;

“The Voxy Ladies are a hand-picked, selective collective of professional female voice artists representing every genre, sound & niche in the industry.  Each Voxy Lady is an established, professional voiceover talent with a great work ethic and super positive attitude, hand-picked to be a part of the Voxy Ladies collective.”
The weekend was packed with seminars addressing ways to improve our individual businesses, including:
  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Branding
  • Animation panel
  • Cultivating the client experience and social media
  • Personal Narrative within the Culture

It was absolutely fantastic to get out of the isolated home-based recording studio, where I work daily, for some face time with my peers. I was greeted by old friends and met several new ones. We traded tips in an open exchange.

The most unique element of all, it was women only.  Just female voice-over talent! No other voiceover-related conference has done that to date.  And I’ve NEVER had a sparklie lanyard before. Awesome!

And now for the pics:

Voxy Ladies Summit, Female Voice Talent

Lisa Biggs, Founder of the Voxy Ladies

Voxy Ladies Summit, Female Voice Talent

Bobbin Beam, Jodi Krangle


Voxy Ladies Summit, Female voice talent

Bobbin Beam, Debbie Irwin, Liz de Nesnera

Voxy Ladies Summit, Female Voice Talent

Celia Siegel-on Branding

Lindsay Sheppard, Bobbin Beam, Heather Costa, Female VO Talent

Lindsay Sheppard, Bobbin Beam, Heather Costa

Voxy Ladies Summit, Female Voice Talent

Anne Ganguzza, Bobbin Beam

Female Voice Talent, Bobbin Beam

Noelle Culler, Voxy Ladies Summit



  1. Saw pictures on facebook and it looks like you all had a great time! Is this something that will be held each year? If so, I’d like to be at next year’s event!
    I bet the energy was fantastic!

    • Hi Arlene,
      Yes, you’re right! The energy was high and very “open” exchanges were abundant. While I like the guys…The absense of testosterone I believe is what kept the exchanges real, and non-competetive.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I think what you Voxy Ladies have put together here is terrific! And I’m aware of the magnitude of talent you have to offer. Such a great idea! I’m sure Celia had some additional input on furthering your brand as a group.
    I’m always watching to see how you girls progress. Glad to see you finally all got together…. and yes, without the testosterone.

    • Hey Rick,
      Great to see you. The Voxy Ladies are not only talented and smart, they’re incredibly generous and kind. I’m so glad I went to this unique conference. Hope all is well with you….and your workouts! 🙂

  3. Thank you a thousand times for this very Voxy ‘window’ into the summit. I ached to be there, but couldn’t, so this helped, Bobbin!

    • Hi Debby,
      I think you would’ve really enjoyed this. A woman from Wales (living temporarily in the USA) was there. We adored her accent as she described the fine differences between Welsh and British English. On top of it she’s living in Boston, and her kids are starting to sound like the locals!

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