A New Video-A New Read :MedjetAssist

Here’s a recent voice-over I recorded for Medjet Assist.  It was also time to post a new video here. It’s funny hearing the produced video. Sometimes you need to see and hear picture and voice over together in its finished form to hear subtle nuances in the read. I must say I’ve been working at bringing the more popular “conversational” approach to a script that calls for it. Actually, such scripts are totally refreshing because I’ve had a challenge backing off and trying too hard to be “perfect”.  I’ve done a lot of commercial retail work, so things like this are a breath of fresh air. (No pun intended)!

Less is more

This job had me working a little closer to the mic. I imagined the mic was a friend’s ear. Being video, I knew I should allow the pictures do the talking. So the read was casual and friendly. And quieter.  I also visualized that I was conversing with my friend in a bar over a glass of wine.  And because I was closer to the mic, I didn’t have to do as much to tell the story. The closer microphone proximity also brought out the natural alto vocal tonality in my voice over. I’m super pleased with the way it turned out. And  the read is quite different stylistically than, let’s say the high energy /higher vocal register used in Pro Flowers Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day radio spots I’ve voiced over the past several years.


About MedjetAssist

MedjetAssist offers the most comprehensive travel protection memberships available for your health, safety and security: Classic Medjet and Medjet Horizon, covering medical, security and crisis response. So when you’re traveling and something unexpected happens and you need to get back home or to get medical help…it’s all about having peace of mind.