Time Off In Voice-Over Land

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Is there really time off in voice-over land?

First of all, I’ll admit it. It’s been challenging lately to blog about this topic, because I’ve really been to busy to even update this blog!

But it Was Like a Cruise!

I’ve just spent the last ten days with family. Many family members stayed here at our lake home, and some were at my sister’s house. We had a huge July 4th party, complete with fireworks.  We swam, went on boat rides,  went “tubing” behind the pontoon boat, went to more family events at restaurants, and entertained and hosted many more family gatherings. And it was like being on vacation or a cruise with your gigantic family.

Now everybody’s gone home, and it’s VERY quiet again. And I’m solely back into voice-over land. (aka-the recording studio and office)

No Rest for the Voice Over Artist

All the while the activities were swinging, I was still working on my business when needed, recording a number of voice over auditions. And even booked some political radio commercials, and a summer TV and radio campaign for a national energy company.  (I had to request all the kids to be quiet for those hours while on line with the clients for their directed sessions- then we took them out for ice-cream.)

Here’s what one of the radio commercials sounds like.

Fourth Quarter’s Coming!

Also, much planning was happening in the background in the marketing department (me and my team) here to be ready for the busy fourth quarter. Which by the way, begins in about ten more weeks! It’s gonna be awesome!

Finally, after five loads of laundry of mostly sheets and towels, the beds have been made and the house is partially cleaned. I’m grateful for all the abundance in my life, and have huge love for my family. While a bit exhausted, because I’ve taken a break of sorts, now I’m back, and as a result, I feel renewed, highly focused, and ready to kick some butt!


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