The Languages of Star Wars Infographic is shared with many thanks to UK voice casting agency Matinee Multilingual.   Having seen all Star Wars films I’ll admit I’m a bit of a superfan. And visiting Lucasfilms’ Industrial Light and Magic studio campus in San Francisco is a huge thrill. Especially when you see the statue of Darth Vader. He is tall!  I asked my husband to take a photo of me standing next to the Dark Lord. Then, a security guy came over and said , “Lord Vader does not allow pictures to be taken with him”.

And I am the voice of a star ship attendant for the initial Star Tours commercial campaign for Disney Parks. Plus I love words and I enjoy language. So, I say, long live the franchise! This one is a natural for Bobbin’s Blog. Enjoy!

Matinee’s site explains the fun that was had compiling the facts on the languages of Star Wars. The facts are placed in order to put together the infographic. You’ll see this timeline of sorts showcases the most common ones spoken in the galaxy. From Galactic Basic Standard through to Binary (Droidspeak), Ewokese, Sith Language and more, it’s surprising that many beings can communicate with each other.  “But the question we’d like to ask is; without the translation skills of C-3PO (he’s fluent in six million forms of communication) and other such droids, would it be a little more difficult?”

The Languages Of Star Wars