Creativity versus Resistance

Creativity vs. Resistance

Creativity Versus Resitance I've recently downloaded the audiobook, "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, and just finished listening to it, for the fourth time. It has so much juice and honesty. It felt as though he wrote it for me. I've been fighting my own war as of late. VoiceOver is a creative endeavor, and can be all consuming on the business side. As entrepreneurs, we are continuously deluged with a blinding amount of daily details, distractions, have to's, go-to's and each day we … [Read more...]

The L Word and the Voice Actor


The L word and the voice actor: "L" stands for laryngitis, and is the one thing that should strike fear into the lives of all who make a living using their voice. As common as the condition is, many  voice talents  I know have never experienced the loss of voice, or had to endure it. Laryngitis: It's also called laryngeal inflammation-and here's the definition of it according to Mayo clinic; "An inflammation of the voice box from overuse, irritation, or infection of the voice box (vocal … [Read more...]

86,400 seconds

 86,400 seconds. That's what we are all given each day. We all have 86,400 seconds each day. I am striving to choose to spend mine well with my eyes wide open. "I must do the most productive thing possible at any given time. " This is a mantra I now try to follow that I once heard from master sales trainer and mentor Tom Hopkins. In the past couple of years. I've committed to reading more books. So I've purchased a subscription to Audible and now have an audio library of some 65+ books.  … [Read more...]

Dear Blogosphere

Dear Blogosphere, I'm feeling like I have nothing new to say sometimes. There's so much noise out here, and it seems like so many others have already said it, or have the latest app/gizmo to talk about, interview, mic technique, or voiceover class event they want to hawk. It sometimes is so overwhelming I just have to close my eyes and breathe deeply to stay on track. I'm not selling anything.  No voiceover classes. No affiliate links that'll gain me residual income . None of that.  That's … [Read more...]

It’s not enough to have a nice voice…

"It's not enough to have a nice voice. You have to know how to use it." says the original voice of Siri, Susan Bennett.   The most interesting article/interview that should be of interest to seasoned pros, and of course newcomers. And it's about the voiceover business in a huge state of flux. She's dead on! Her voice was replaced with a new Siri and/or has been technologically altered so much, it no longer sounds like her since iOS 7. And, as she says, "Apple ain't … [Read more...]