In your Facebook

In the few occasions a week I'll stop to check in on Facebook, I seem to always see the same hyper-active people, talking about themselves, boasting and bragging about how many awesome VO gigs, and films and commercials they're booking. With emphasis on the hype. Every time. Braggadocio, defined: in Merriam Webster's Dictionary brag·ga·do·cio noun \ˌbra-gə-ˈdō-sē-ˌō, -shē-, -chē-, -(ˌ)shō, -(ˌ)chō\ ": the annoying or exaggerated talk of someone who is trying to sound very proud or … [Read more...]

VO: World of Constant Change

Igniting VO biz Strategies in a world of constant change isn't easy. Working on data maintenance and updating a ten-year old database and merging it with another that's in dire need of attention is eye-opening.Definitely not as sexy as rocking the microphone by any stretch, but required nevertheless, unless you're a superstar and have your minions do it all for you. Looking at the lists brought me back to earlier days of my voiceover business, and reminded me of several clients that have … [Read more...]

Intention and Implementation

Happy Belated New Year Everyone! Now it's all about intention and implementation.  I've been off enjoying the holiday fun, but this week has been all about getting back into the groove of routine. I like more structure, no doubt about it. There were some days between Christmas and New Year's that I really had to think about  what day it was! No "resolutions" made as I goal-set daily and prioritize on my flow chart. But I have a concept I'm sharing here that I'm calling my "key words" for this … [Read more...]

2014- It’s a Wrap!

It's a wrap. The end of 2014. "Unbelievable", I always seem to think over the holidays, about how quickly the year went. And this year was no different than the others. Time sneaks up more quickly each year, like a thief. Last year, (2013) my husband had some scary health and employment issues that took their toll, but the outcomes made him and our family stronger. And he's doing better than ever now, having a new healthy lease on life, plus he started his own business, and I couldn't be more … [Read more...]

What are you up to this Holiday Season?

The Holiday Season. It's unbelieveable how quickly things sneak up on us, isn't it? And now,  just nine days of this year  left!  2015 begins in ten days. This is a time of cheer, visiting with loved ones and friends, loads of holiday parties, spirits and food. And a time to kick back a little. Just last night, my husband and I did something out of the ordinary. We hung out near the tree in the living room, lit a fire, and talked about our lives. And we talked about long-range planning. Just … [Read more...]