Voiceover Pricing and Competition


I'm thinking more than ever these days about voiceover pricing and competition.  It struck me while reading a story in Sunday's paper about the Meijer's grocery store chain from Michigan that'll be building stores comparable in size to a football field at several locations in Wisconsin. The headline is all about how the move could drive down area grocery store prices. The article focuses on the increased competition, and all eyes around the country are focused on how the dynamics will play … [Read more...]

On Trend: The Explainer Video

The world for many of us in voiceover, and other businesses is moving to the internet. Small and large businesses will benefit by having video on their site. It's all about eyeballs, and keeping visitors engaged. And it's cost-effective advertising. What better way than to use video to show what your company or product is all about? Advertising, streaming, news on-demand, and television programming  are online.  Some interesting facts about explainer videos are revealed in this animation … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Optimize your PC

  Here are 8 ways to optimize your PC. Yes, I'm a PC person. It works fine for me. I'm running Windows 7 and it was beginning to slow down with every Windows security update, cookie, and temp file  or unwanted programs that became part of my computer over time. And of course, audio processing can take its toll on the seek time of my OS. Lucky for me, I've now been keeping my work station uber optimized with a little help from Dell tech support, which I'm sharing today. I took copious … [Read more...]

Creativity versus Resistance

Creativity vs. Resistance

Creativity Versus Resitance I've recently downloaded the audiobook, "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, and just finished listening to it, for the fourth time. It has so much juice and honesty. It felt as though he wrote it for me. I've been fighting my own war as of late. VoiceOver is a creative endeavor, and can be all consuming on the business side. As entrepreneurs, we are continuously deluged with a blinding amount of daily details, distractions, have to's, go-to's and each day we … [Read more...]

The L Word and the Voice Actor


The L word and the voice actor: "L" stands for laryngitis, and is the one thing that should strike fear into the lives of all who make a living using their voice. As common as the condition is, many  voice talents  I know have never experienced the loss of voice, or had to endure it. Laryngitis: It's also called laryngeal inflammation-and here's the definition of it according to Mayo clinic; "An inflammation of the voice box from overuse, irritation, or infection of the voice box (vocal … [Read more...]