A real vacation!

This will be my last blog entry for a couple of weeks as I’m going on a real vacation! The hubster and I celebrated a BIG anniversary this year, so we’re taking a little time for ourselves and heading to Europe. We’ve been talking about doing this for 15 years but work & family committments, and funding […]

Faffcon 7- My Experience

I’m just back home from Faffcon 7, the VoiceOver un conference which took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona. This was my fourth. I was also at the first, fourth, sixth, and now the seventh. I equate Faffcon to a think-tank weekend of rich exchanges from the best of the best. Our leader Amy […]

The Signature Voice

    There’s a lot of talk about what makes one’s “signature voice”. As I ready myself to travel to Tucson, Arizona for yet another Faffcon, I’ll be considering what I came up with a while back in an effort to define my own consideration of that elusive title. The reason I’ll be revisiting this is because […]

Ebuzz…that’s the buzz!

Ebuzz- Is an online reputation management app for hoteliers.  Here’s  the explainer  web video I had the opportunity to add my voice to with this short narration. I really like the graphics and overall feel of this piece. Thank you Milestone Internet Marketing!

Hello??? Where is my Telephone Call Going?

I’ve recently read a very interesting article about  the disposition of POTS ( plain old telephone service) lines getting lost in a tangled maze of voice delivery systems in the USA,  which is increasingly cutting off rural areas from the country’s telephone grid. What I’m about to expound upon may appear controversial to some. All I can […]

Don Pardo-RIP

Don Pardo, RIP at 96! I grew up listening to your voice on TV from the time I was a little girl. That announcer’s voice I’d hear on “The Price is Right” and later on “Jeopardy”, then even later on “Saturday Night Live”. You were a timeless icon, and hip beyond the words you spoke […]

Stand Up and Stand Out

Stand Up and Stand Out

  This post is about living to stand up in order to stand out. And it’s metaphorical in content. This week has been incredible. Less active  voice work, but higher quality projects.  Auditioning, which is  real work-stuff of a voice actor’s time,  is a constant effort and if you don’t audition you’ll never have a chance […]

Insanely Busy, Sane Productivity

Nine weeks ago I enrolled myself in a twelve-week course created and offered by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, named “Insane Productivity”. To call the experience so far as a game-changer, would be an understatement. Because I have invested a four-figure tuition, I will not reveal the complete details I’ve gleaned so far, but I will […]

7 TIPS from two Pros for Narrating Romance Novels


A huge thank you to guest bloggers, voice over pros and Audie finalists, Carrington MacDuffie  and  Ilyana Kadushin,  who have graciously shared their experiences here with Bobbin’s Blog readers today. They have narrated over a massive 250 audiobooks between them. I myself am in the midst of recording a historical romance, War of Hearts by Lynn Hubbard, […]

Voxy Ladies Meetup in Chicago

Bobbin Beam joins Voxy Ladies in Chicago

Voxy Ladies Meetup Chicago Style! On Friday , June 27th, I hung out with some extremely fun and talented female voice talents for a Voxy Ladies Reunion in Chicago. TheVoxy Ladies are the original, hand picked selective collective of professional female OPEC artists representing every genre, sound and niche in the industry.  Meet them all here. A small […]