My Mouth, My World


Big realization: My world is my mouth! I'd been fighting an infection since last July that was "multi-factual". It all actually began toward the end of June when I caught what I thought was a silly Summer cold, followed by a weird sensation and sensitivity near my left jawline and back molar that developed into what was misdiagnosed as a sinus infection. How strange is that, right? The x-ray taken at my dentist's office showed my upper sinus in my cheek was impacting a nerve that went around … [Read more...]

ISDN to Go Memberships Could Save Thousands

ISDN To Go is an easy ISDN bridging service , and is the first to offer monthly memberships.  Such is the increased need for this service as the telcos are putting pressure on voice talent  and recording studios in various portions of the USA by steadily jacking up the monthly rate for service or discontinuing new connections of ISDN service altogether. Born from obvious and growing demand, ISDN To Go will bridge to ISDN via Source-Connect or ipDTL offering a plethora of membership options, … [Read more...]

Hello…Talk Center America!

Talk Center America, is  a hybrid television program, "at the intersection of social and  mass media, web, and TV", which featured a show last evening titled, "Trade Secrets: Voice Over Artists". I am honored to have been asked to be one of the 20 or so voiceover talents to appear on the show. Talk Center America features a patented, host-driven interactive format with original, new live content.  Read more about this innovative and interactive medium of communication and content and then watch … [Read more...]

A New Character Demo Reel

I'm happy to share my newest character demo, hot off my digital audio guy's work station... . OK...So it's not really a reel.  (Hah) Not any more, but some of us still know what demo reel "really" means. Voice actors are always in the process of adding and updating their demos. One by one, my aim is to get them all updated, the oldest ones first. This is primarily for commercial application, not animation...but some elements could be I suppose. So here we go! … [Read more...]

In your Facebook

In the few occasions a week I'll stop to check in on Facebook, I seem to always see the same hyper-active people, talking about themselves, boasting and bragging about how many awesome VO gigs, and films and commercials they're booking. With emphasis on the hype. Every time. Braggadocio, defined: in Merriam Webster's Dictionary brag·ga·do·cio noun \ˌbra-gə-ˈdō-sē-ˌō, -shē-, -chē-, -(ˌ)shō, -(ˌ)chō\ ": the annoying or exaggerated talk of someone who is trying to sound very proud or … [Read more...]