Year-End Tax Planning for Voice Over Talent

Oh my! Time for year-end tax planning, again. Yes, this voice over talent does it annually.  BUT...April 15th is so far away, many may be thinking. Tax planning by the first week in December has become as much a tradition in my life as celebrating the holidays. What prompted me to write about this is a couple of articles I found online, which address some of the things I'll discuss here, but not all. First, is a general list I found online:  Actors Hub of Tax deductions for acting expenses. … [Read more...]

Never work for a jerk twice.

I  attended a seminar about handling difficult clients and what drew the biggest laugh was when the presenter said, " Never work for a jerk twice." Remember that Kenny Rogers tune about “The Gambler”, about knowing when to “hold ‘em , know when to fold ‘em”?  It came to mind as I read a recent post on Facebook about a project at one of the voice over casting sites that described the proverbial voiceover job from hell.  It involved 20 individual tags of 10 offer codes  and 2 different offers … [Read more...]

Mixing Business, Pleasure, Spain & Studiobricks

I recently went on a real vacation to Spain, mixing business and pleasure. And I visited Studiobricks in Barcelona, which was more like a pilgrimage for this voice over lady. Play and work on vacation, definitely works for me! It was a dream vacation in Spain for ten days that took fifteen years of inertia and other committments for my husband and I to finally make into reality. The journey  was a wonderful adventure, filled with sights, art, architecture, culinary bliss, relaxation, fitness, … [Read more...]

A real vacation!

This will be my last blog entry for a couple of weeks as I'm going on a real vacation! The hubster and I celebrated a BIG anniversary this year, so we're taking a little time for ourselves and heading to Europe. We've been talking about doing this for 15 years but work & family committments, and funding college educations came first. In voice over,  talent rarely rests or even takes breaks, much less a real vacation. We'll occasionally take our long weekends and our remote recording rigs … [Read more...]

Faffcon 7- My Experience

I'm just back home from Faffcon 7, the VoiceOver un conference which took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona. This was my fourth. I was also at the first, fourth, sixth, and now the seventh. I equate Faffcon to a think-tank weekend of rich exchanges from the best of the best. Our leader Amy Snively hand selects and vets attendees as each event is limited to around 100 on purpose to promote small groups and big idea exchanges. A lot of smart people, my peers came and I'm happy to say they … [Read more...]