Moving on…

Yup. Moving On. Well , we're moving this week about 20 miles away. It's been a great time renting this old boathouse apartment for the past three years. Farewell to Beaver Lake, land of my birth, wonder years and best friends. At least this move won't be as huge as the last one from California. We put our home on the market there, had 4 offers in 4 days. Sold it in 5 days and closed in 30. And then moved over 2,000 miles back to Wisconsin. It's been quite a crazy summer remodeling the new … [Read more...]

Actor Jeremy Piven & Words of Wisdom

Actor Jeremy Piven was interviewed recently on the Success Magazine monthly CD (July, 2015) and I must say I've returned to re-listen a number of times for his boatload of inspiring golden nuggets. He calls himself an overnight success- twenty years in the making. He plays lead in the PBS Masterpiece series, "Mr. Selfridge" and is the tantrum-throwing agent, Ari Gold in HBO's "Entourage".   If we want to work as actors, and voice actors, we must audition. Jeremy's biggest … [Read more...]

Newest Audiobook release “Divorce”

"Divorce: Fight, Fight, For Dear Old Egomania.You're Probably the Only Person Who Cares (or Thinks) that you're the Good Guy (Divorce can be such Sweet Sorrow)"  is now on sale at Audible, and  available on iTunes and Amazon. This was the shortest book and the longest title I've narrated to date. Author, Pete Geissler's evocative "creative fiction" is loaded with excellent and sensible advice for anyone going through or considering divorce. For quick, entertaining and helpful advice on the … [Read more...]

Summer, Oh Summer!


I love Summer. Where we live, it's the absolute best time of year.  It's the payoff for January and February, generally the coldest months of the year here. Work kind of slows down with summer hiatus and client vacations, so time loosens up a bit for voice actors to get out and enjoy life, family, friends and summer sports. This particular Summer has been extra busy for us. Voice over work has been slower as "summer" usual... yet steady, which has also freed me up to do other big things on my … [Read more...]

Voiceover Pricing and Competition


I'm thinking more than ever these days about voiceover pricing and competition.  It struck me while reading a story in Sunday's paper about the Meijer's grocery store chain from Michigan that'll be building stores comparable in size to a football field at several locations in Wisconsin. The headline is all about how the move could drive down area grocery store prices. The article focuses on the increased competition, and all eyes around the country are focused on how the dynamics will play … [Read more...]