7 TIPS from two Pros for Narrating Romance Novels


A huge thank you to guest bloggers, voice over pros and Audie finalists, Carrington MacDuffie  and  Ilyana Kadushin,  who have graciously shared their experiences here with Bobbin’s Blog readers today. They have narrated over a massive 250 audiobooks between them. I myself am in the midst of recording a historical romance, War of Hearts by Lynn Hubbard, […]

Voxy Ladies Meetup in Chicago

Bobbin Beam joins Voxy Ladies in Chicago

Voxy Ladies Meetup Chicago Style! On Friday , June 27th, I hung out with some extremely fun and talented female voice talents for a Voxy Ladies Reunion in Chicago. TheVoxy Ladies are the original, hand picked selective collective of professional female OPEC artists representing every genre, sound and niche in the industry.  Meet them all here. A small […]

It’s “Audiobook Month”-Free Audiobooks Giveaway

In the effort to increase awareness and enthusiasm for audiobooks, the Audiobook Publishers Association (APA) is promoting June as audiobook month, and I have several copies of each of the three titles below which I’ve narrated and sharing as an absolutely FREE download from Audible. If you’d be so kind as to provide a review I’d be honored. So […]

 Studio Connections Digital Audio, & Voice Talent

The full time voice  talent must always be ready to have a broadcast-quality, user-friendly studio connection for studios, or producers for remote audio recording of voice over sessions. For remote recording sessions, this studio includes a Telos Zephyr ISDN codec, and connection through AT&T. The software used for remote recording voice over  sessions is in place , using the large bandwidth […]

Remembering Vanessa Hart Tonight at the Audies…


Today is the last day of APAC,  the premier event in the audiobooks industry designed to address industry trends share ideas and provide networking opportunities for industry leaders. The day of the the APAC seminars, the Listening Lounge, the Audies and the Naudies (sort of an after-party for APAC attendees and narrators of audiobooks) in New […]

“Weathering” the Weather

The family traveled to Denver last  weekend to spend time with extended family for Mother’s Day.  Before we left I’d been booked for a nice national commercial VoiceOver gig via my ISDN studio on the day of our return, Monday. A lot of back and forth messaging followed between my agent and the client to settle on and […]

Comparative Analysis: ipDTL, Source-Connect NOW, and ISDN

     This is pretty doggone interesting! Here’s a brief podcast created by Tim Keenan at Creative Media Recording,   an audio post-production studio, in which he enlisted my help at remotely recording a  portion of the same script using the newest digital recording technologies; ipDTL, Source-Connect Now, and the 40+ year-old  ISDN.   Listen to […]

“The Marathon Race”


    We’re already almost one- third of the way into 2014. How’s your voiceover career in this biz? You didn’t do much so far, and you’re not crazy about how things are going as you get questions from friends ,family, or potential clients or agents who ask,  “Where can I hear your voiceover work, […]

Top 10 Signs you may be charging too little


Much has changed in the past 7 years in the industry since I first shared this one about how we, as voice talent are charging too little  for voice over talent rates, but this post holds up pretty well. What kinds of payment terms, how,  and when we are paid, and rates and pricing  for voice […]

Hacking the End of Support for Windows XP

Hacking the End of Support for Windows XP is on the minds of several users these days. With less than a week to go until Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, I thought it might be of interest to some of my fellow VoiceOver friends who may also still be using the legacy […]