Top 10 Signs you may be charging too little


Much has changed in the past 7 years in the industry since I first shared this one about how we, as voice talent are charging too little  for voice over talent rates, but this post holds up pretty well. What kinds of payment terms, how,  and when we are paid, and rates and pricing  for voice […]

Hacking the End of Support for Windows XP

Hacking the End of Support for Windows XP is on the minds of several users these days. With less than a week to go until Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, I thought it might be of interest to some of my fellow VoiceOver friends who may also still be using the legacy […]

Top 5 List of Foolish Biz Advice

My friend, Liz Goodgold from San Diego offers today’s guest post: Top 5 List of Foolish Biz Advice  In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’m sharing my Top 5 List of Foolish Biz Advice I’ve been given –No Joke!  And, I’ve also tacked on why I believe you should ignore each and every one of […]

Forces of Nature


                                                                         Forces of Nature  After the winter much of the US endured, I learned a lot after all the years […]

Art and Focus as a Voice Over Talent

In the aftermath of losing one of my very best friends, female voice over talent, Vanessa Hart, during the past month,  I’ve lost focus  at times.  It’s been a challenge to stay on task like I usually do. But grieving is unique to each individual, so I’m cutting myself some slack, and at the same […]

It’s New. It’s Source-Connect Now

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Source-Connect NOW, with Rebekah Wilson of Source Elements.  The new service is the latest iteration  of the broadband IP based application and contender to the  kingdom presently ruled by forty- something-year old technology of ISDN, operated by the telephone companies. Source-Elements has just celebrated […]

Vanessa Hart’s Final Days Didn’t Have To Be

This is probably the most difficult and challenging things I’ve posted here  because it pains me to actually acknowledge and say to the universe that one of my best friends, Vanessa Hart, voice actor and                                    audiobook narrator and coach is dead.  I’ve been grieving and thinking about how how approach this . Then I decided […]

Multiple Talent Agent Voiceover Submissions

Note: I will be publishing my remarks regarding the final days before the untimely death of voice talent, and best friend, Vanessa Hart on Monday, February 24th. This is an email recently received here at Bobbin’s Blog about a common question we face as we grow our voiceover careers: What do do about multiple agent […]

Voxy Ladies In Love

  Like   Tweet   Pin   +1 Love is ON the air Voxy Lady, Heather Costa, recently had a branding makeover! Check out her new site & new demos at “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs You’d be hard pressed to find a group […]

My Get It Done Manifesto

Here’s a “Get it Done” Manifesto story. Last week I went to the YMCA pool  and struck up a conversation with  a friendly, talkative lifeguard , “Joe”, who asked me what I do for a living. When I told him I do voiceover, he lit up, and swiftly introduced me to one of his co-workers. […]